World’s First 32GB DDR3 RAM Unveiled by Samsung

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 19, 2009

samsung-logoKorean electronic major, Samsung has unveiled the world’s highest density RDIMM (Registered dual inline memory module). The DDR3 memory module boasts of an extremely high 32GB memory capacity, designed for server market. The new RDIMM incorporates 72 dedicated DDR3 chip, each with 4Gb memory configuration. This design has been made possible due to the 50nm class DRAM process technology that is capable of packing everything into a QDP (Quad-die package) on both sides of the module. This package would is expected to offer the best performance to server market when running with mainstream processor.

The RDIMM is more thermally efficient with lower power rail of 1.35V that brings down the power consumption by 40 percent in comparison to conventional DDR3 modules. What’s more it is anticipated to generate 20 percent performance-hike in the overall system with a swifter and higher density memory module.

However, for those eager to buy the giant 32 GB RAM will have to wait until Samsung decides upon the price and availibility. Since the RDIMM is specifically targeted at enterprise use - workstations, servers and high end desktops - the price is likely to stay on the higher end.


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June 20, 2009: 6:31 am

That’s what I thought. This 32gb RAM is specially made for servers. I knew that a 32gb RAM is too good to be true, and to be available for notebooks! :) But this would definitely be a great product.

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