Sarah Palin

Author writing about Palin moves next door to her
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Sarah Palin has taken to her Facebook page to complain about her new neighbor - a writer penning a book about her.

MELBOURNE - Former vice presidential US candidate Sarah Palin is enjoying a huge fan following on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.he politician has 850,000 "friends" on Facebook, which is second to President Barack Obama among most popular politician on the site.

LONDON - Former US Republican Vice President candidate Sarah Palin is taking part in a charity event to help support wounded war veterans.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Fans to Sarah Palin: Please, post a tidbit on Facebook.
AP News in Brief
Obama seeks equal partnership in Asia; welcomes China's growing economic muscle TOKYO (AP) - President Barack Obama pressed on with his mission to repair America's global standing, telling Asians he was determined to engage them as equal partners in the economy, diplomacy and security.
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