Congratulations USA!

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, November 5, 2008

“The American people have spoken and they spoke clearly.” - Senator John McCain

USA has once again heralded the triumph of democracy. Who would have thought that an African-American, who was muslim at birth can be the President of the most powerful country in the world? Nobody would have imagined 12 months back. Even till yesterday few could realize the completeness, the finality of his victory.

He was not elected because he was a democrat, he was not elected on the basis of his color of skin or race. I think he was elected simply because:

  • People were not happy with the current Bush regime, so essentially the anti-incumbent feelings went for him
  • People believed in his clarion call for change. America needs change and like many Americans, I too believe he can deliver it.
  • The economy is in severe distress (to put it mildly). The current republican leadership not only could not prevent the economic downturn but also may been directly responsible for it. People perceived the incumbent democrat as the better person for the job.
  • While Sarah Palin evoked fanatic support within a section of Republican followers, I have a feeling that many Republican’s were not too happy or enthusiastic about the potential Republican Vice President. Can you even imagine Sarah Palin as President of United States!? If you are not sure just listen how to he responded to Sarkozy prank by the Canadian pranksters.

America, you don’t need to be sorry anymore. I wish Obama success in making USA once again the most loved and cherished country in the world and in making the citizens happy above all. I agree with Obama, the victory is not his but that of America.

John McCain was a gracious loser. I have to say, hearing his speech in conceding defeat, that he too would have made a nice President though I am not so sure about Mrs. Palin.

I am apolitical and yet I was moved by Obama’s emails (automated, I know) and tried to contribute to his campaign. Unfortunately I don’t fit into his criteria - I am not a citizen nor a resident. However I found out that many of my close friends contributed to the maximum extent permissible, especially one close friend who calls himself a “bleeding heart republican”.

The greatest thing about Obama is that he makes us wanting to believe again, to believe in his mantra for change for betterment. He gives us hope. Make no mistake, Obama was not elected by the Blacks or Hispanics, he was elected by all which includes whites, blacks, browns, hispanics and everyone else and he was elected for all. This is truly a government by the people and for the people.

Democrats have also achieved majority in the Senate. Obama will enjoy unprecedented power in the Oval office to initiate changes. The ball is now in his court to make good on his promise for change. I am hopeful. Let USA shine again with all glory.

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November 5, 2008: 10:01 am

> Diminishing states rights
It is pretty well understood, believe me. We also understand the gun laws and abortion issues too.

> Higher energy costs
That may happen in the short term. However we will get greener energy and hopefully be able to save the planet.

> Slower emerging growth in new sectors of business
There is no reason for that to happen. He did promise higher tax on capital gains for high net worth individual. However he promised not to raise taxes for business.

USA needs to be more responsible to the environment, stem cell research and the world in general. I think, he can provide the necessary leadership. Above all, the people of USA has spoken very clearly. Their decision should be respected, that is the way of democracy.

November 5, 2008: 7:21 am

Among the things Americans can now look forward to now that Dems control congress and the White House:

Diminishing states rights (Something probably not well understood by our friends outside the U.S.)
Higher energy costs
Slower emerging growth in new sectors of business
Higher taxes

November 5, 2008: 6:32 am

In any case, he deserved a chance. America was looking for change and he was the best America could offer. I agree with you - now is the time to find out if he can deliver. My best wishes are with him for the sake of America.

November 5, 2008: 5:43 am

In America, the House of Representatives controls the purse strings. It has been in the Democrats control since 2006 so they are indeed responsible for the current financial situation….heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
Barack Obama has pulled the wool over the eyes of America, and the world, for that matter. He can no longer talk the talk with platitudes and half truth’s, he must now walk the walk and I don’t see it being much different than the current President.

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