TOKYO - Sony Corp. reported its first annual net loss in 14 years and forecast a bigger loss this year, saying the pressure from sliding sales, competition in gadget prices and a strong yen was expected to continue.
Facebook Trick : How to be invisible from contacts
Facebook like Orkut has integrated chat with friends' list.

I am sure even if you use Fedora or CentOS, you have had fair share of irritation caused by system hangs.
10 MS Excel Hacks and Tricks
There are millions of Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets users who rarely care to look for the best side of it, I mean hacks. There are a wide range of functions performed on Microsoft Excel from calculations to analyzing data to integrating information, the list continues.
10 Microsoft Word 2007 Hack & Tricks
With an entirely new interface setup and advanced features you might find it difficult to catch up with MS Word.
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