5 Reasons to Start Using Facebook Connect Now

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, December 4, 2008

Facebook has a new face now and lemme tell you this face is not gonna be forgot amongst thousands of others. I am talking of Facebook Connect, which is the next evolution of Facebook Platform.

What’s New at Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect brings in the concept of web-wide log-in. It lets you use your Facebook ID and password to sign-in to third-party sites. It uses the concept of OpenID into effect. OpenID, if you’re not familiar with it, lets you use a single username and password to log on to numerous sites.

What is the Benefit

What if this web-wide log-in system expands with Facebook. Imagine you can log on to any damn third party side with one id and password. You won’t have problems to remember loadsa new ones whenever you register. It will just work like an universal bank account.

Let’s say you’re visiting a third party site. You just click the Facebook logo at the top of the page. If you’re already signed into Facebook in another window, it picks up your ID, asks for your privacy preferences, and you’re in. But that is not it. You can just write anything on that site, say a review or a blog post or anything and that will be shown to your facebook wall too, just as a pin-up or something. so your friends or your followers will instantly go there and read your article without you having to socially advertise. I feel this is great and serves both ways. The writers and the advertisers.

5 Features of Facebook Connect You Must Know

The developers of Facebook has stated fives main features that will attract you to this new Facebook service. and they are,

1. Trusted Authentication

Users can connect their Facebook account with any partner Web site using  simplified and trusted authentication. Whether at login, or anywhere else a developer would like to add social context, the user can authenticate and connect their account in a trusted environment. The user will have total control of the permissions granted.

2. Real Identity

Facebook users represent themselves with their real names and real identities. With Facebook Connect, users can bring their real identity information with them wherever they go on the Web, including: basic profile information, profile picture, name, friends, photos, events, groups, and more.

3. Friend Linking

People count on Facebook to stay connected to their friends and family. With Facebook Connect, they can take their friends with them wherever they go on the Web. Developers can add rich social context to their sites. Developers even can dynamically show which of their Facebook friends already have accounts on their sites.

4. Dynamic Privacy

As a user moves around the open Web, their privacy settings will follow them, ensuring that users’ information and privacy rules are always up to date. For example, if a user changes their profile picture, or removes a friend connection, this will be automatically updated in the external site. And the users can control who can see what pieces of their information - the same rules that they set on Facebook can be applied through your site too using our dynamic privacy controls.

5. Social Distribution

As a user moves around the open Web, they discover interesting content, share information about themselves, and engage in a lot of experiences. With Facebook Connect, users can easily share and distribute this information and actions to their friends via Facebook Feed, requests, and notifications.


Facebook connect is surely a new way where the old advertising tag, wherever you go, our network (read: facebook) follows. Anything you do at internet, a little something of your activity is taken to facebook account. That is a tremendous marketing plan which Facebook developers have worked out This is gonna feed you, the advertisers and above all Facebook- all of them well. Use Facebook Connect now and then the money will follow.

[source: developers.facebook.com]

March 10, 2009: 8:20 pm

JanRain has a platform solution called RPX which contains much of the functionality of Facebook Connect, except instead of limiting potential identity provider login options to just Facebook, RPX also enables users to login to an enabled site using their MySpace, Google, Yahoo, AOL or Windows LiveID accounts. RPX also has data sync functionality and allows a user to post back information to their news feed.

Why would a website host want to limit a user’s login options solely to Facebook?

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