Google to Flood Cellphones with eBooks

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 6, 2009

While scrolling through Will hadcroft’s Anne Droyd  I was thinking when would Google’s ebooks make it to the mobile phones. For a welcome surprise, with Amazon flooding the mobile ebook markets, Google couldn’t wait to toe the line. Google would allow 1.5 million of its free ebooks accessible on mobile devices. Be ready to hop through those millions of ebooks on your iPhone or other mobiles.

Joining the party Amazon would be working to provide titles for its popular ebook reader -the Kindle. Currently it’s available for a variety of  mobile applications. The company will be releasing the a new version of the Kindle next week. According to Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener the Kindle books would be made available for a range of mobile phones.

With Google’s announcement, the number of ebooks available for mobile phones would expand manifolds. Currently the Kindle offers 230,000 titles. Having said that, it also needs to be added that the public domain books available through Google Book Search are not  anticipated to be the most popular titles. On the contrary the Kindle’s catalog includes oodles of those new releases that are selling like hot cakes.

Well, contrary to the Google Book search for PCs that offered scanned view of the book pages, the mobile version would just display the  text. This would be an added advantage making download quicker through wireless networks.

Things look in pretty good nick expect that I wouldn’t expect the smartphones to compete the dynamic ebook readers. The Kindle or Sony’s Reader specializes at that. I say so because these have wide sized screens and use a technology that doesn’t require backlighting.

The iPhone or other mobile phones allow quick access to reading material, but I must say the backlight of most phones are not good enough for longtime reading. Still I anticipate the market for ebooks on mobile phone’s would grow with more sophisticated ebook-readable phones on the line.

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