Time management

How You can Manage Team Conflict as a Manager
Managing team conflict is one of the core competency area a manager should have.
Free Online Calendar: Google Calendar vs Yahoo Calendar Review
For those spending a considerable time on web, online calendars are perfect tools for time management.
How to Leverage Google Wave for Business
Google's Wave collaboration platform has already generated early interest among both consumers and enterprises.
Is Project Manager Redundant in Extreme Programming?
Extreme Project Management (XPM) is an agile approach for managing project that emphasizes on incremental planning instead of traditional one-time planning. It helps managers to control project schedules, assign work tasks, and assure that work is done efficiently andcorrectly moreefficiently than traditional programming practice. The project management in Extreme Programming (XPM) can be divided into two types, planning practices and control practices.
Eventum Review
We have dealt with issue tracking software extensively in the past.
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