TimeLive Free Timesheet Software: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 3, 2009

timelive-online-timesheetTime management is an important part of any business. Productivity of a company can optimized only by making the best possible use of every second. Companies now use the timesheets software to achieve best time management. After accomplishing my list of top 10 Timesheet Software, I thought of getting further with one of the top timesheet software,  TimeLive timesheet. TimeLive timesheet is a versatile web based tool that carries out multiple tasks - timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. The software is available for free download(limited to 5 person) and in hosted(ASP) version.  It is a fully automated  timebased timesheet. Let’s get into the working of TimeLive.

TimeLive 2.8 suite involves three major functions that includes time record, time tracking and time billing. There are integrated modules for timesheet, expense management, employee management, project management, attendance, task tracking and more.

Key Features

Fully customizable

The entire set up can be fully customized through the open HTML files. The logo, menus, css, login page etc, can be changed according to the requirements of the company by customizing the master pages. Further, it allows a fully customizable workflow.

Tracking Attendance

TimeLive features a Time Entry tool that records the time of work for all the contractor and employees in real time. It allows the user to access the  detailed and summarized view of all time records with the help of different tools.  It offers time billing by tracking billable as well as non-billable time records.

This web-based time and attendance application allows easy tracking of employee attendance. Just clock in and clock out with the click of mouse. Track your regular hours, overtime hours, and flextime hours, track leaves, vacations and more automatically with the help of the integrated tools.

Project management

TimeLive automates the entire planning, processing and tracking of the project, saving time in the process. Fully integrated project management and collaboration tool. It provides e-mail notification of events and reports it via email in order to update the user. It can be used for different timesheet and project activities. TimeLive also generates a personalized overall summary view of projects for Project Manager and Team Lead.

Expense Management and Task Tracking Tool

The task tool manages and tracks all the associated tasks and issues. It  is hierarchical support for parent task and sub tasks.
TimeLive offers integrated modules for recording, tracking and monitoring project expenses.


  • This is a fully featured timesheet software that allows easy HTML customization to meet the users needs.
  • Since it is a web based timesheet employees can insert entries into the timesheet from anywhere and at anytime.
  • The auto-update function allows easy upgrade.
  • Unlike most of the other timesheets it has a fully featured free download version.


There are no significant shortcomings of this timesheet software.


DOVICO is considered as an ace web based timesheet software that comes with pragmatic time-tracking solutions. Replicon is another feature packed web based timesheet that fast growing.


TimeLive timesheet includes the features required for smooth time tracking, time and billing applications. This is an automated application that integrates all its features to provide an all in one solution.

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