Top 10 Time Management Software for Windows

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time is money. Every bit of time you waste, costs you dearly. May be you lose millions within seconds, especially if you are a honcho or striving to become one. For a smaller enterprise gaining momentum, time Management is inevitable. It’s important to encourage best time management practices and workflow processing. Well the Time Management software for Windows can do it for you. The time Management software recommends you the best task to do and within what time. It suggests maximal productive use of the time for a project instead of wasting time on preparing to do lists. Here are 10 selected ones that can be manage your time best. 

1. Timeless Time & Expense

It’s an efficient tool for tracking your project. The time tracker moves with you as you switch from one task to another. You can use the timer, create individual entries or use the timesheet.  Whatever you use the functions are within your easy reach.


2. MiniMinder

Here’s your countdown timer. Whenever you see the desktop, the MiniMinder offers you slick, daily countdown to all the upcoming dates you need to track. According to your priority you can set the events on yearly, quarterly, monthly or daily basis.


3. Trog Bar

TROG Bar actually stands for Total, Relaxed Organization Guru. With this tool you can control your tasks, e-mail and time. It’s an intelligent time manager that automatically prioritizes, manages and coordinates your calenders, email and tasklist. It’s designed for GTD i.e, Getting Things Done and TRO i.e, Total, Relaxed Organization as well as for time and task management.


4. Taskline

This is essentially a personal productivity add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It automatically schedules your Outlook’s task list so that you have s predictable and achievable work schedule. The task line tells you where to start and where to finish.


5. TimePanic

TimePanic for Windows has undergone continuous improvements to meet the customer needs and wishes. The new version now offers support for sub-projects.


6. TimeBell  1.7

That’s your time manager for important events. You can create reminders on a single window interface. The reminders are show up in a notification message. It can play the music, opens a document or file, start the program, shut down or restart PC  according to our choice.


7. Time Calculator 0.1

With Time calculator you can carry out conversions operations such as day and time to days, hours, minutes and seconds. Well is that not a perfect tool to calculate the time you spent working on a project.


8. iWellsoft My Task 1.2

My Task Software is an essentially a task manager which allows you to organize your work and other daily jobs. Just with a few clicks you can set a task with its description and remainder.   Further with the My Task’s built-in categories you can have your own category. For more you can list the tasks according to the priority, due date or category.


9. A VIP Task Management Solution 2.51

In order to achieve a set goal you have to combine the best of Task management, project management and time management. This is what the A VIP Task Management Solution 2.51 offers you.


10. Project Clock Standard 9.05

This is an user friendly software with project time recording program. The Project clock is an handy application to keep track of time you have spend on different projects. It’ll provide you a summary of the billed project time within specific time period.



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If you’d like a web-based solution for implementing GTD and managing your time and projects, you can use:

You can use it for goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists and schedules.
A mobile version is available too.

February 18, 2009: 2:09 pm

Thanks for the useful list of time management tools.

For those of you who may be interested in similar lists of time and task management software, I’ve compiled a directory of lists and reviews at (note: also includes to-do list and GTD software).

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