Replicon Web TimeSheet: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 9, 2009

companylogoIn the words of the father of modern management Peter Drucker, “time is the scarcest resource available.” That can be distantly construed as the dogma behind optimal utilization of time. The timesheets have inevitably automated the time tracking and management for businesses enabling more reliable accounting of the project costs. Several companies are adopting web-based timesheet software for efficient time management. These software are being increasingly used to track time for payroll, billing and project management.  We had already listed some of web based timesheet software in my top 10 timesheet software timesheet. We also reviewed one of the online timesheet services, free web based TimeLive timesheet. The other day We came across the Replicon’s web timesheet software. We picked it to see whether it’s a reliable piece of timesheet software that can be configured to the requirements of a company. Let’s have a comprehensive look at the timesheet software.

Replicon Web Timesheet has two editions - the Project & Billing and Time & Attendence. The editions of the Web Timesheet are designed to track and expense for attendance, project costing  and client billing. Both the editions can be integrated to provide a single solution for comprehensive tracking. Now, let’s get into the feature



Web TimeSheet has a simple and intuitive timesheets that makes it easy to use. This enables prompt, and accurate client billing with quick time entry.  The timesheets can be both configured for simple and complex time tracking. The intuitive interface and provisions to pre-populate timesheets with entry codes allow the faster and accurate time expense entry by the employees.


Web timesheet also generates at-a-glance compliance reports for managers. This can be instantly accessed by the managers to calculate the project costs. This reports also highlight the projects which offer bottomline profits and which are marginal.
The reports also shows the project progress bars that assist in comparing actual to the estimates on individual timesheets delivering immediate feedback.

Email notification

The delinquent users are automatically alerted through the e-mail reminders.

Offline Timesheets

This feature allows the user to track time and expense even if there is no Internet connection.

Expense tracking

The software features Replicon Expenses module, an add-on product that extends the functionality of Web TimeSheets employee. It facilitates the entry, tracking and reporting of employee expenses. It allows tracking of expenses in multiple currencies with automatic tax calculations and uploading scanned expense receipts.

Real-time Graphic reports and analysis

Web timesheet is equipped with project tracking capabilities that offer real-time color-coded graphical views and analysis of company, the  projects and individual productivity levels. This provides an easier way to calculate the ROI metrics.

Integration with 3rd party applications

Replicon solutions is web based and has a XML standards-based approach it integrates with the third party application.


  • The clean and  intuitive interface is always a plus for this software
  • The Replicon Expenses module gives an added edge
  • The real-time Graphic reports simplifies the growth analysis
  • This web based timesheet support 3rd  party application


The Web timesheet is not all-in-one divided in two editions instead of a unique edition to handle timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management like time live.


This web-based timesheet and time tracking software seems to be designed for business of different sizes. The software has the potential to generate significant difference in the productivity. Let me know if you have some more information to add.

May 6, 2009: 7:25 pm

Hi, Parthodeep,

If you have time, i would suggest you take a look at Pacific Timesheet. A free trial can be downloaded at:

Or you can go to the website for a product tour. Either way, you will find Pacific Timesheet has answers/solutions for most of the problems their competitors have.

Dean Chung

April 13, 2009: 2:59 pm

[...] timesheet software for efficient time tracking and management. We have already reviewed the Replicon web timesheet and now we review another web-based software time and expense tracking software, 1timetracking. [...]

April 10, 2009: 3:08 am

We will review your software too :)

April 9, 2009: 6:11 pm

Hi, good summary.

As a way of contrast and compare, Try out 1time. We are about to launch the mobile version this week which will allow people to add timesheets on the go.

Love to hear any of your thoughts on the service.


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