Hovercards : Twitter Launches Exciting Profile Preview Feature

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 4, 2010

With time Twitter has been improving upon ways to enhance your tweeting experience. For the latest, Twitter adds a Hovercards feature that would revamp the way we interact with fellas behind each tweet. Complying with its name, Hovercards are cards that hover over your username or avatar on any timeline. Essentially, the cards provides a new way to access profile information without actually visiting the profile.  One of the significant gains with the cards would be to find more about retweeted people and follow them right from there. Hovercards would allow you to interact with tweeters without having to move away from the page.

When you hover over a person’s username in the timeline, Hovercards would provide you with profile information and location. Interestingly, it would also display whether you are following them.  You might see more information with an expanded view of the card.  What’s more, you have the options menu to choose between follow, block, mention, or report someone right there. Like other Twitter launches, Hovercards is not active for everyone yet and will be unfurled in stages.


Having got the first hits of the feature, do you say Hovercards would thrive your tweeting habits.

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