How To Split a Woman in Half

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is a neat magic by Criss Angel, pretty sensational.

My theory is that the upper half is someone with half a body, either by birth or due to an accident. The lower half could be photoshopped or actually have some gear to make it move slightly. In any case it is definitely good magic.

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December 18, 2007: 5:17 pm

I heard that the lady is actually a half-lady with no lower body. She is happily married and was featured in Ripley’s, I believe.

December 17, 2007: 10:55 pm

well, first of all, the people in the video clip are all plants. No one is really strangers. Notice how you never get a real look at the womans face at the beginning? You get a quick glance, but not long enough to remember what she looks like. The camera shuts off to make the switch. When the woman is split…its a different woman. someone who has no lower body. Its all camera tricks…not real live magic. He could not pull stuff like that on a stage. This is not slight of hand, or magic…its camera tricks.

Trust me, anyone can do this

williams izaguirre

July 28, 2006: 3:00 am

the bottom half is probably just a contorsionist bent over. he helps her lay down probably keeping the two together. it’s like a sweet circus act.

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