20 cool t-shirts for geeks

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, July 4, 2009

binaryLet’s admit it, we geeks love those cool and comfy t-shirts. And if they carry some of our geekyness, there is nothing cooler. Here are some new crops of t-shirts that are geared towards the techno crowd. Check out the latest fashions for geeks in milano style.

1. Yes! there is no place better than Home

noplace2. Perfect for a giddy, dazed you.a324_loading3. This is simple. Your body starts at your front and ends at your back. Just a simple homage to the language that created the cyber space. Excuse me? HTML.


4. There are not too many types of people in this earth. But only a few clever enough to get the binary drift, 10 = 2.


5. Don’t blame me. I have previously told you about this WiFi detecting t-shirt.

a324_wifi6. Who said geeks don’t love poems?geek_love_poem7. Well these are the latest Animated T-qualizer shirt. Animated shirts always make geeks look geekier and non-geeks… well plain old ‘where the heck are you from?’

tqualizer_anim8. If you can’t understand this joke, you didn’t attend those math classes idiot. Now don’t open the math book to understand the joke!


9. Are you a geek with a core 2 duo heart. Err.  Wear these t-shirts in valentines day and I am sure she will love it more than she loves her Apple.


10. If you don’t know the difference between firewire and USB ports or difference between PATA and SATA connectors, don’t wear them.


11. Believe me this is the true.

lesbian12. This t-shirt requires additional plugins to display images. Manual install?

no-image13. This is an SQL joke. Get it?

a324_sql14.Wear this shirt when you neighbor asks to check his computer for the 50th time.

a324_fix15. You know the Blue Screen of Death and please don’t ask me the size (of the data I mean)


16.Geeks love irony.


17. One for the chemically charged particles.


18.I am hungry, feed me. Or should I say RSS Feed me!


19. C++ is my mother tongue!cpp-lover

20. It’s time to get laid, baby!



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March 13, 2010: 3:44 pm

The binary one was hilarious but woe to the geek wanna-be that wears that C++ to his next developer conference after-party–the party() function is declared void but returns integer values. The program wouldn’t even compile.

November 12, 2009: 10:25 pm

I want… where can I buy it?… but, I live in Colombia… please, help me

August 29, 2009: 5:54 pm

everyones saying “Nice Shirts” well I think “nice girls”
Om nom nom

August 6, 2009: 9:25 am

Nice T-shirt.It is really good design.

July 15, 2009: 6:44 am

These are fantastic shirts! I’m absolutely loving the designs. Love the design of the second shirt, the brain loading 45% shirt haha. So cool. Thanks for sharing this@

July 8, 2009: 4:21 am

Those are awesome shirts! Love it! I should make similar designs on some of my Adar scrubs. It should be fun wearing them.

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