Top 10 Ajax Tutorial For You

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, May 14, 2009

understand ajaxRecently we are concentrating on tutorials a lot. Results: Top 10 Tutorials to Develop iPhone Apps and Top 10 Nginx Tutorial to help you out. This time I decided to pick a web technology, Ajax. In the recent years, there has been a greater thrust on developing rich Internet applications. The web developers are driven to newer technologies that could enrich users experience. With technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash and Flex, Web is as appealing as never before. Ajax(asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is one such popular technology used in different ways on the world wide web. It’s one of the first choices building faster and responsive user interface. Ajax, which consists of HTML, JavaScript™ technology, DHTML, and DOM, is an outstanding approach that helps you transform clunky Web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. Learning Ajax is not a piece of cake. Having said that, I must add there are simple and comprehensive tutorial that can be of immense help for learning Ajax. To help out the aspiring Ajax developers, I picked the top 10 Ajax tutorial. Each of these tutorials would help you grow your expertize on Ajax.

1. Ajax

This tutorial introduces you to the essence of Ajax. This is an elaboration of the technology used to send these requests through small JavaScript calls.


2. Mastering Ajax Part 1: Introduction to Ajax

This tutorial demonstrates how a Ajax could make Web development extremely simple and effective. It also contains the central concepts of Ajax that includes XMLHttpRequest object.


3. Getting Started

This is a comprehensive guide for those beginning with Ajax. It contains a number of hand on examples to get you started.


4. Create Your Own Ajax effects

This tutorial demonstrates how to take the basic effects in Ajax, build on them and create new effects on your own.


5. AJAX Dynamically Content Loading Tutorials

This Ajax-dynamic content provides a small generic script to load content of external files into HTML elements on a given page.


6. AJAX Bookmarklets Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to create huge bookmarklets. It is a javascript code that can be dragged into the user link toolbar. This can be used to implement the cross-site behavior.


7. AJAX Drag and Drop Tutorial

One of the common e-commerce applications is adding items to the shopping cart. With this Ajax tutorial you can drag and drop cart metaphor providing immediate visual feedback without leaving the shop.


8. Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications

This tutorial introduces a remarkable approach for creating dynamic Web application experiences. It teaches you Ajax programming combining Java technologies, XML, and JavaScript for Java-based Web applications that break the page-reload paradigm.


9. Mastering Ajax, Part 3: Advanced requests and responses in Ajax

This tutorial is for developers who would like to master Ajax. This comprehensive tutorial offers in depth knowledge of HTTP status codes, ready states, and the XMLHttpRequest object. It helps you to master the codes and demonstrates how the browswer handles each of them.


10. Building an AJAX-Based Chat: The Barebones Structure

Several chat programs have come up these days. With Ajax you can create chat program that will send out http requests without having to reload the pages. This tutorial teaches you how to create a Aaj based chat program.



Ajax IM

The Ajax IM is an incredible messenger that works just Yahoo messanger. Unlike the desktop clients it is embedded on the website. This tutorial demonstrates the whole story.


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