sph The following story is an excerpt published by Our Mobile Lives, CNN series.  According to the series,  more and more smartphone users are ditching their desktops, laptops and even their TVs, and looking for mobile devices to satisfy all their basic technological needs. As per September study conducted by Forrester Research,  37 percent of 18- to 30-year-old Americans access the internet with their mobile phones and 15 percent use their phones to watch videos or TV. Wayne Fortin of San Diego, California,  uses his laptop only once in a week.  He says he enjoys his smartphone's for  browsing the Web.
LONDON - A study has found that the general mood among Twitter users can actually predict the rise and fall of the stock market almost a week in advance.
domain According to the court document,  Caribbean based Clover Holding Limited made an offer of $12m to buy the most coveted internet domain name sex.com. The current owner, Escom LLC, is forced to sell the company due to bankruptcy.  Esscom purchased the domain from the previous owner in 2006. The bankruptcy court announced that Clover made the highest and best offer among 12 bidders. The price for the internet domain name varies between $12 million and $14 million since it declared bankruptcy.
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