Cognizant is the Leader in Global Testing Services:IDC

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 10, 2010

cts Cognizant, a leading consulting, technology, and business process outsourcing firm,  has been ranked number one in enterprise application testing services by IDC MarketScape analysis of 13 global third-party testing firms. The report says that Cognizant has been growing rapidly  in testing services as well as its application development and maintenance service lines. It further added  “A key part of Cognizant’s approach is to adapt to the QA maturity level of its clients, engaging systematically to find ways to reduce inefficiencies and waste, in turn supporting redirection of investment toward business priorities.”

“IDC views Cognizant as one of the leading players with major market momentum that is helping drive efficient process and workflow into its global testing services practice,” according to “IDC MarketScape: Global Testing Services, 2010 Vendor Analysis” by Rona Shuchat, Mukesh Dialani, and Melinda-Carol Ballou.

The report continued that its testing practice is in line with the  industry verticals of specialization like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing/retail, telecommunications, and media and entertainment. This vertical alignment enables the company to leverage its domain specific testing model. Sumithra Gomatam, senior vice president and Global Head of Cognizant’s Testing Practice added that the clients are facing increasing economic, industry, and technology shifts. That’s why the company focused its global testing team to help clients to master in software quality and build more successful business.

“Our experienced testers, consulting expertise, and testing processes, methodologies, tools, and frameworks help us enhance testing efficiency and precision, reduce costs, decrease cycle times, and provide our clients with superior software quality,” concluded Gomatam.

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