SOA Governace Tips

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 7, 2010

soa_maturity_pyramid  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides high quality of system development and service integration for your customers. SOA governace is the concept used for activities related to control over services in an SOA.  SOA can be considered as a subset of IT Governace which, in turn, is a subset of Corporate Governace. The main objective of SOA governance is the development of services that add value to the business.  

Good SOA governance should cover the people, processes, and technologies during the entire SOA life cycle from business point of view and connectivity and reuse from IT point of view, thus making businesses in sync with IT. I gather some tips for effective SOA governace to implement SOA at our company and I am happy to share this with you.

  • You should look for a vendor who offers governance technology as well as he can also explain you how their technology is applied in terms of the governance process. Please, don’t go for a vendor that only explains about the technology. They should clearly make you understand how to automate different triggering points during the life cycle.
  • When looking at governance, the focus should be about the fact which is creating immediate trouble and then expand from there. Make sure you invest in the right technology that can not only solve your tactical issues, but can also help you strategically in the long run when looking at the broader perspective.
  • If you have  an integrated solution, that makes easier for you to implement the governance process. The goal is to eliminate as many manual points as possible because governance should be something behind the scene that gets applied to the environment. Please, try to find vendors that provide a solution where different components of technologies are integrated to support the lifecycle from end to end, regardless of the number of products they offer you.
  • You shouldn’t make the whole SOA very complex.  Don’t look at solutions so that you need to buy the whole store to get any particular functionality that you need. In that way, you are buying technology for the sake of technology without knowing how to use them. The governace program is going to fail in the end if it is too complicated.
  • The use of SOA lifecycle Governace tool is simplified by new features like auto-correct policy compliance and centralized policy management. These new additions make the governing process easier for solutions providers and also added resellers. Your SOA governance team needs a leader. This person is the one who will be able to guide the governance process, and he should also act as a communicator within your organization. If your organization is new to SOA, you will probably start small with governance, then evolving over time.
  • Governing SOA architecture task should include a> Establishing new technology standards b>Defining high level SOA architecture c> Figuring it out about SOA platform strategy and the decision making process about particular vendor and technologies., d> determining management, operation and quality of services e> The basic criteria for SOA project design review.
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