Automation Testing Expanded By IBM

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 23, 2010

MUMBAI, ( The automation testing tool, Smart Business Development and Test (SBDT) environment, has been updated by one of the leading software companies IBM. This move would enable the enterprise clients to test processes resorting to IBM’s cloud infrastructure and thereby expand and boost their internal developments. This automation testing of Enhanced SBDT environment, would enable multiple virtual test environments to be created and customized.

Each development and testing team of the company will be able to make full use of this automation testing procedure. Both automation testing tools and performance testing tools will now be about 50% faster, with the help of the expanded Cloud Offering. The new enhancements include, Testing Services for Cloud, Rational Load Testing and Deployment Planning and Automation. Testing Services for Cloud is a service that has been programmed in order to identify defects earlier in the SDLC development cycle. With its help, fixing these defects will be not only be easier, but also less expensive. It can also reduce, loopholes related to performances. Rational Load Testing will deal with issues related to infrastructure acquisition and configuration related to large-scale performance testing with the help the IBM Cloud. If the company needs to applications, he may resort to Deployment Planning and Automation. This could make deploy application more consistent. This automation testing suite would support SDLC, right from its environment discovery to deployment planning and governance.

IBM, apart from creating the automation testing tool, has also taken several other steps to boost its productivity. It has developed integrated development and test environment and software and services to improvise on the quality and speed of application life cycle.

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