Get Carbonite Online Backup System with 20% Discount or for FREE!

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One of the most popular backup systems, Carbonite online back up, has come up with a subscription plan that gives you 20% discount on purchasing 1 year’s subscription from them. Carbonite offer that used to come for $ 54.95 is now only $ 43.99. Moreover, you can just get it for FREE. Keep Reading.

Carbonite installs an application on your computer that works in the background to grab new and recently altered files that need to be backed up. When your computer is idle, it automatically backs your files so you don’t have to do anything. Carbonite protects you from:

  • Accidental Deletion (43% of people lose irreplaceable files every year)
  • Theft (only 3 out of 100 stolen laptops are ever recovered)
  • Disaster (fire, floods and other disasters)
  • Drive Failure (up to 13% of hard drives crash in their first year)

Carbonite for Free

Okay, here is the mouth watering deal. Do you want it for FREE? Yes. We can deliver this Carbonite online backup solution for free and that too a full 1 year subscription. If you are really interested to avail this, go and read our post on 1 Year’s FREE Carbonite Online Backup System Subscription Offer for the readers of Simple Thoughts. Cheers! Do not miss this chance.


Tustin Guy
June 9, 2009: 12:56 am

I have tons of photo files that I would like to save - nearly 50 GB of old historical images. I think this would be a great service to back them up IN ADDITION to what I do at home. My intent would only be to use them in case of a fire or other damage at home. I like the fact that you can now pull files out from other locations - like work. But I will investigate the issue of losing customer data. I wonder where that info came from.

Assuming I don’t win the free Carbonite, is there a coupon code I can enter into their ordering form?

April 11, 2009: 8:15 am

Why don’t you see this Faye

We are giving Carbonite online backup for one year absolutely free. Just keep posting your comments.

Soumya Sinha
Simple Thoughts

April 11, 2009: 6:54 am

that would be fine, but they lost like 7500 customers data last year. Not sure If I’d trust my data with them.

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