Introducing Contentior: Custom Content Writing Service

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What are the unique features of Contentior over other content writing service?

At the core of any content writing service is the inherent expectation of quality. Unfortunately in an attempt to cut costs, most content writing service provide minimal attention to quality. Contentior wanted to focus on quality from start and not as an afterthought. For consistent high quality, quality should be ensured by process and technology in addition to high quality team of writers and editors. Here are few steps taken by Contentior to ensure consistent high quality content writing service:

  • Any candidate has to go through 3 rounds of grueling interview with practical tests before he / she is selected as a writer
  • Any writer / editor goes through compulsory probation & training period before he is allowed to write for our clients
  • Each article is reviewed by a highly experienced editor before it is submitted to your site.
  • Each article goes through multiple spelling and grammar check to ensure correctness
  • Each article goes through strong anti-plagiarism check to ensure uniqueness
  • The articles are SEO optimized under the guidance of an experienced SEO on-site. Also we can implement any suggestions you have.
  • You have an unified interface where you can review the article before it is published. You can also opt to auto-publish the articles directly to your site or even save them as draft.
  • You can manually approve / send for review / reject any article

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Disclaimer: The author is part of Contentior team and was responsible for architecting the software behind the service.

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