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By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

logo1If you are a responsible blogger then you will like to give importance as well as necessary information about your blog to the readers and to the world as a matter of fact. Let’s say you will like to show people your most popular articles, most popular blog from the whole network and how popular you are in comparison to others. For all these to work as a service for you, you need your Google analytics data to empower you. But it can not be shown in public. Atleast Google doesn’t let you to. So you have no option but to host it yourself using some web-service or pay some others to do the same for you. The other day, I found a web service called Gadging which does this for you for FREE. You can show your blog stats by them and they won’t charge and if you wish, they will give you feed-link to show it in your site. Amazing eh? Keep reading.

How to Set up Gadging for Your blog/ Website

  1. Go to your google analytics account.
  2. Click on View Report -> e-mail.Check Schedule
  3. There is a field called same to others. write
  4. Uncheck Send to me
  5. In the subject field place your blog URL, let’s say
  6. Keep the format XML
  7. Check Date/Range as daily
  8. Press Schedule

This ensures that you send daily report to and they wil lcapture the information and show the statistics in their website.Check the screen-shot below if you wish.


Benefits of Using Gadging has some other underlying benefits to as I happened to discover which can be immensely helpful for publicizing your website.

1. Share Your Details with others- Be Absolutely Transparent

Some Google Analytics sharing sites allow you to selectively share your Google Analytics data to the entire world. You can use the provided RSS feeds of your data on your own sites and blogs too.

Let’s see a screenshot of that.

By this third party Google Analytics Service Sharing website , you can share your information with the rest of the world. Information such as

  • Pages/visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on site
  • % New visits

2. Let Others Highlight Your success

That is another strong point in favour of sharing Google Analytics. Isn’t it great if your site shows up in the Most Popular Website category of a well-known Google Analytics sharer? That too with high page-hits, longer Average time on site. That is exactly what these sites help you with. A third party service (as authenticated as Google) shows your success story on another third party website (say gadging). This is the height of impartial appreciations.

Let’s take an example where you can do this. As you can see from the screen-shot, Gadging is a third party website that shows most popular pages, most popular websites in their domain by using Google Analytical Data.

3. No Maintenance Headache

Sharing Google Analytics can give you slightest of headaches if you host it yourself. So why don’t we find another third party host who will do that for us. You don’t need a SPACE, You don’t need to take the LOAD and again you don’t need to give any money to anyone. By some very simple changes in the settings you can do this yourself. Go through this to find a way.

Every morning Google will send you a copy of the daily report and one can actually see information on the website too. No headache, more impartiality. Isn’t this a dream for every web-marketeers?

4. See and Show Where You Stand

Additionally Gadging provides you with different detailed segments of your webpages.

  • if it is under Most Popular Sites segment then go ahead, boast of it.
  • If it is under Least Popular Sites, then improve on your traffic and try to come up to the aforesaid column.
  • See which pages in particular are the Top-Rated ones. Focus on them.
  • See which pages are in the Least visited ones. Improve upon them.

In Conclusion

There is absolutely nothing that can make you shy away from using this absolutely wonderful piece of web service. Start using it and I am sure you will start seeing the improvement.

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