How to Get an Apple iPhone for $49

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, July 27, 2009

appleiphone3gEverybody wants a hand on iPhone 3G S, but not all have the money. What if you could have the latest iPhone 3G without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, here’s a hack for your iPhone aficionados who are falling short of dollars to own the best selling smartphone. What about an iPhone 3G for $49. Of course I’m not talking of a brand new phone, the idea is to get a refurbished one. I’m sure many of you must be using the refurbished laptops. It’s about an inch of compromise, that’ll let you own your much coveted iPhone.¬†

Have a look at what AT&T has to say about the refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period. Each refurbished phone is independently quality tested and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. Some refurbished iPhone 3G devices will have minor scratches.

Refurbished iPhone 3G devices carry a warranty of 90 days or more.

To get the iPhone at the above mentioned price, you need to agree to a two-year iPhone service contract. The regular price for a non-refurbished device of 8 GB and this same service agreement is $99.

IPhone 3G has recently received a software upgrade that makes it close to Apple’s latest smartphone. The newer model comes with a number of enhancements. It’s faster, the camera supports video but it’s quite comparable to the latest iPhone. Both the phones feature similar size and shape, similar HVGA, capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and GPS. They have ability to run native third party applications that have been approved by Apple. For corporate emails they can be connected to Microsoft Exchange server.

The refurbished phones comes with iPhone OS 3.0, the latest version of the system software.

June 15, 2010: 7:38 am

I am living in the Philippines and iphones and other Apple gadgets are really a great advantage in here. Wants to know more about Apple gadgets. can you give me a link to that site as well?

July 27, 2009: 4:10 pm

Never knew that some like this exists!

Can you give the links, where I can order for this refurbished Apple 3GS phone?

And I am living in INDIA, is there a problem with that, as there is no AT&T network here. I need to unlock the phone before using it. And I have no problem in unlocking the phone.

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