Top 10 Newest Poductivity Apps for iPhone

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

apple-iphone-appsiPhone 3G S had a grand welcome and whopping sale that apple’s App store can rejoice about. Given the hype, iPhone seems a bit cockamamie when placed in array with enterprise class mobile phones where blackberry rules the roost. I feel it’s high-time to look at the technology objectively and search for the productivity options that the Apple touch phone holds. Clearly,  what makes iPhone a darling in mobile market are the apps, especially with the third-party included. Come again, the Apple app store offers several leading-edge apps that covers a wide range of productivity solutions from e-mails, invoices to virtually CRM. There are a loads of these productivity apps already in use, we picked the top 10 newest ones to make your iPhone a more productive tool than you ever made it.

1. Financer Lite

Believe me, there’s no bigger headache for me than tracking my finance. Hope there was a bamboozle to get rid of this. But there’s this Financer Lite that seems to make things easier. This iPhone app is designed to help you track your expenses and access your account balances in a convenient manner. Financer keeps a record of all your deposits and withdrawls and organize them. The app can perfectly compliment your Checking and Savings account.


3. HiTask

This one is a simple web-based task management application that assists in creating your to do list and managing  your team and project. With HiTask you can share tasks or assign them to your team members.


4. Noter2 Lite

This app offers you a simple and intuitive interface for effectively and efficiently creating, editing, prioritizing and managing your notes. The app also allows you share notes by email and to sync notes between the iPhone and computer. Further, with the feature you can manage appointments, important dates and day-to-day activities from any system.


5. iGrapher

Are you the one involved with bulls and bears? Here’s a free financial market visualization tool that allows you to read the market.  iGrapher offers you charting, analysis and prediction of different stock, currency and commodity markets. This tool helps you to plot different international stocks from the major markets including the FTSE and Dow Jones against different commodities including gold and global currencies.


6. My Bank Tracker

If your are in finance, the bank rates are crucial for you. This iPhone productivity app offers you CD rates, savings, checking and mortgage rates for all major banks. Further, its also catalog’s the customer service number and website for each bank.


7. Easy-Bill

This app simplifies invoicing directly from your iPhone. Using this app you can track and record charges, send invoices, add and edit contacts.


7. Schedule Viewer

With this iPhone app medical residents, fellows, attendings and staff having schedules made in Scheduling Tool can see their personalized agenda. This app shows next few shifts or calls on the home screen for convenient access.


8. Torch Project Management

This is a great iPhone app for business communication. Torch allows you to communicate with your colleagues, clients and suppliers. Torch allows you to attach several things to your project that include messages, e-mails, files, events, tasks, Google docs, time tracking, bids, and invoices.


9. Heap CRM


CRM software are a must for small scale businesses. It’s a simple CRM app designed to be accessed from your iPhone. Heap includes the basic functions of messaging, calendars and contacts, which are integrated to provide better service. Apart from these the iPhone productivity app also features Advanced dashboard, reports (inclusive of search reports), report Visualization and Google visualization API data source, event templates, e-mail integration


10. Twinkle

This is essentially a Twitter client included in our list productivity apps. Twitter is a productive social media that’s helping out a lot of businesses. With Twinkle you can get your Twitter updates right on iPhone without having to refresh your tab. Well, that saves your time spend on the site and doesn’t affect your participation in the community. Twinkle, twinkle little app, posting tweets is now a snap.


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