AT&T network Unprepared For Apple iPhone 3G S functions

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iphone3gIt’s just one day to go before iPhone takes the market by storm and AT&T’s wireless network is struggling to match Apple iPhone services. I need to blare it that AT&T won’t be offering multimedia messaging and tethering options for the new $199 iPhone 3G S showing lack of networking juice. Last week while launching the iPhone 3G S, Apple had confirmed that it would offer both the features.

For those who are still in dark about Tethering, let me tell you it allows a wireless device to serve as a broadband modem to offer over-the-air support for laptops, PCs and the like. Well, most of you know that with MMS or multimedia messaging you can attach video clips, audio files, pictures etc. to text messages.

According to sources, AT&T might launch the MMS service by the end of summer. You can offer AT&T provides MMS for iPhone’s rival Blackberry 8820. So far there are no clear indications that the tethering would be available. However, AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel confirmed that

Tethering will be available at some point.

Meanwhile, the iPhone users are consuming a chunk of AT&T’s network capacity at a record clip. Roger Entner, head of telecom research for Nielsen says, an average iPhone user gobbles up to 400 megabytes of capacity each month where as an average smartphone user uses 40 to 80 megabytes. Turning the focus, Entner also added that high usage is a testament to power and popularity of the iPhone.He said

People love the device and are using it intensively.

The network demands would increase as the price of the current iPhone 3G drops to $99.

iPhone’s engineering is responsible for a part of the anomalies. Since the device constantly checks back with AT&T network that makes adjustments as necessary. Although, it boosts up iPhone’s performance but the back and forth consumes network capacity.

AT&T serves more than 7 million iPhone users, that is more than any other service supporting iPhone in the world.

To cope up with the situation, AT&T plans to start upgrading its wireless software with HSPA (short for high-speed packet access). According to AT&T the service would be completely upgraded by 2011. The new service would is expected to speed up four to five times. The iPhone 3G S would offer better experience on the mobile Web.

With HSPA upgrade, the iPhone users can expect a better experience with lots more benefits. For now, you can do nothing, but wait.

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