How To Increase Google AdSense Earnings by Category & Ad-Network Filtering

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, March 22, 2010

How many experiments have you committed to optimize your Google AdSense earnings? I’m sure you must have tried every new weapon in your armory to boost your Google ad revenue, but for avail or minimal profits. Messing up with color schemes won’t be a great idea unless you realize what is the key to Google AdSense earnings. Google AdSense now offers two lucrative features ‘Competitive Ad Filter’ and ‘category filter’ that can double up your earnings. The idea is simple and hassle-free that just needs you to separate new low paying networks from interfering with the top paying networks. Here’s how you gotta do it?

How does the add Competitive Ad filter work?

Google introduced the Competitive Ad filter for publishers to block any advertiser who violates their web space at any moment. There could be several reasons for blocking an advertiser. It might be that advertisers ad looks spammy,  or it is irrelevant to all the overall website.

Most prominently, it optimizes your advertisers list for Google Adsense to ensure that no low paying advertiser is shown and only the top paying advertisers are shown. This is a lucrative approach to increase your overall Adsense revenue.

How to use the Competitive Ad Filter

Try to use the competitive ad filter feature to filter out low paying advertiser sites from ever appearing on your block to maximize your earning. Try to keep up to date with lowest paying advertisers. One of the quick ways to keep track of the lowest paying advertiser list is to find You can add it yo your advertiser blacklist to prevent their ads from ever showing up. This may not make a considerable difference, but it contributes to some level optimization to filter out the low paying advertisers from the high paying advertisers. This feature prevents up to 500 low earning ads ( EPS) from appearing on your site.  Blocking an ad will essentially block the target URL where the click on the ad takes you.

How to use Category filter in Google AdSense

In order to use category filter access the AdSense Setup > Ad Review Center. In the category filter you can select up 8 ad categories that you wanna filter out. These category ads will not appear on your AdSense blocks. This provides you an opportunity to filter out ad categories that offer low earnings.

To help you out with your research for selecting, which ad categories is most paying you can use this friendly tool called SpyFu. Using the tool will offer you some idea about the overall pay from each of the categories.

Just tick the ad categories that have no relevance to your website


Apart from filtering the low-earnings categories, you also use Google AdSense category filter to block out rated (for instance, pornographic) ad groups. Google could easily do the job of filtering content specific ads.

How to use Allow and Block Google Certified Ad Networks feature

This is an intricate part of Adsense revenue that needs an extensive research on your part. We would provide you an easy tip that’ll help you to select the high paying networks and eliminate the small low-paying networks. To check whether the network is low paying look for Alexa Ranking of the company. It’s wise to block those above 100k.

A word of caution

The above Google AdSense features has a catch. The features will encompass your entire AdSense account and not a single site or blog. Suppose you use the Category filter those category filters will be applied to all your sites. now in case you have blogs on multiple niches, the idea may not work for you.

Given the limitations, Google AdSense features of competitive ad filter and category ad-network filtering is always an expediency worth a risk.

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April 8, 2010: 9:48 am

this is an interesting idea to increase the revenue

April 6, 2010: 2:55 am

I used the Competitive Ad filter for several time, and it was been increase my GA’s earnings

April 6, 2010: 2:53 am

I used the Competitive Ad filter for several time, and it was been increase my GA’s earnings :)

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