How to Track Google Adsense Check via Bluedart in India and Get AdSense Check Re-issued

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We had provided you some tips to fillip your Google AdSense earnings by category &Ad-filtering, but what if your check doesn’t reach you. Ever since Google has taken to BlueDart Courier for AdSense , it has become difficult to track status of the check through the reference number at BlueDart website. The Google support forum is flooded with enquirers seeking, how to track their for AdSense check with Bluedart courier. Earlier Adsense check were delivered via DHL courier, which allowed easier tracking of status or location of the check. There are issues concerning the delivery, with many instances of undelivered AdSense checks. Well, you might be one of the victims of such a gaffe. To help you out with AdSense check issues, we decided to provide you a comprehensive FAQ to answer your questions.

Google opted for Bluedart to ensure faster service.

Google had justified the move to Bluedart in its announcement,

As we roll into a brand new financial year in India, we’re happy to let publishers located in India know that all standard checks will be sent via the Blue Dart courier service at no additional cost. Because Blue Dart is the Indian domestic carrier for DHL, you’ll no longer have to pay expensive courier fees. In addition, please be aware that you’ll no longer see Secure Checks as a payment option in India.

As of now Google sends the AdSense check 40 days from the month when your earnings reach $100. Checks that are mailed via Blue Dart should arrive within 10-30 days of the check date.

Now how do you track the Google AdSense Check via Blue Dart in India. However, there are solutions for tracking the status of AdSense check once the Airwaybill number appears in the payment details.

In order to track the status of your check you need to use the BlueDart tracking number that is provided by Google once the checks are issued usually 25 days after the earnings reaches $100.

How to Track your Google AdSense check status in Bluedart

Step 1: Go to Google Adsense and log in to your account

Step 2: Go to My Account tab > Payment History

Step 3: Click on the Payment Issued - Details link (Look for the month when your earnings reached $100)

Step 4: Now to track your check status go to Bluedart website

Step 5: Get the Tracking number in the Tracking tool

Step 6: Current status of the check will be displayed within the expected date of delivery

What if I reside in an area where Bluedart has no service.

In case, Bluedart doesn’t reach your area, you don’t need to panic. Your check will be sent by registered Post and will reach within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.

How to make Google re-issue an undelivered check?

Sometimes the checks might not be delivered, even if you have Bluedart service in your area.  They choose to send back the check as undelivered - Address Unknown/Not found.  You might be one of them facing the same problem.

In such a situation the most feasible thing you can do is, to get Google re-issue or resend the AdSense cheque.

Step 1: Write adsense-support at

Step 2: Go to Request check re-issue.  You must be logged into Google Adsense account. Fill the fields and request check reissue.

Note: You must submit the re-issue request within 15 days, your earnings will be returned back to your account. You will see the Check stopped – earnings credited back
line appear in the Permanent history page. In case, this line appears before 15th of the month your earnings will be included in that months payment cycle. If the payment is done after the 15th your earnings will be included in next month’s payment cycle.

Step 3: For additional help go to AdSense Forums.

According to Google

If we’re unable to complete your payment for any reason — for example, if your check is returned as undeliverable or your EFT payment rejected — your Payment History page may show a line reflecting that your earnings have been credited back to your account. If this line appears before the 15th of any month, your earnings will be included in that month’s payment cycle. If it appears after the 15th, they’ll be included in the following month’s payment cycle.

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