How to remove / stop Software / mdadm Raid array on Linux - Cent OS

By angsuman, Gaea News Network
Saturday, May 29, 2010

There are three steps to this. First you need to unmount the RAID array if it is mounted, then stop the RAID array and finally change your configuration to prevent it from reloading in future.

How to unmount RAID array
Let’s assume your RAID array is /dev/mdx which is currently mounted. You can unmount it like any other device:
umount /dev/mdx

Note: Replace x with the number of the RAID array like md1, md2 etc.

How to stop an Raid array using mdadm
mdadm –manage –stop /dev/mdx

Double-check to see that you are removing the proper array. Find out about your existing RAID arrays first before you remove any of them with the above command, which brings us to the next tip:

How to list your RAID arrays
Simple, just run:
cat /proc/mdstat

OK, so now you have stopped the RAID array but how can you prevent it from loading again on boot? This brings us to the final tip of the day:

How to prevent RAID array from loading on boot
Open /etc/fstab and delete the two lines corresponding to your RAID device. For example here is my RAID array entry which I recently deleted:
ARRAY /dev/md3 level=raid1 num-devices=2 UUID=e73b0525:cb3b6bde:598152b4:a340e01e

Note: You need to delete both the lines.

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