How to run Flash on Apple iPad using Frash

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

frakeEven if Steve Jobs calls for a Flash-free era, a greater part of the web thrives on the interactivity and elegance of Flash.One of the much slogged issues with iPad was the absence of Flash. This was simply because Flash is not meant for its touchscreen technology. This has been proven wrong with a new program called Frash. With the help of Frash, iPad users will be able to run Flash on an iPad.

Frash was recently released as a Adobe Flash plug-in for Android phones. Users can run Flash in the mobile Safari browser of iPad with Frash. We gotta YouTube Video of playing some flash games such as “Kitten Cannon” on iPad with Flash.

Frash is still in the unstable form and it might be ready. Apple will have some other excuses for not running Flash on iPad and iPhone. In case you don’t wanna have cool flash games jailbreak.

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