Mainframe Still Plays a Critical Role for Organizations: Survey

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 26, 2010

mainframe InfoSec, Inc released the outcome of mainframe survey that was conducted on July, 2010. The report says that Mainframe has a major role to play for industries in terms of infrastructure and its demand is still in the upward direction. Most of the respondent for the survey said that the demand for mainframe remains the same over the years or it is growing unless there is shortage of skill or constraints of budgets.

The finding includes:

  • 59% organizations responded that MIPS has increased or remained the same over the last two years.
  • 53% respondents stated that their mainframe budget has increased or stayed the same for the last two years.
  • One-fourth or about 24% responded that their human resource for mainframe have increased in the past two years while 35 percent replied they have stayed the same. Thirty-five percent indicated that the staffing level actually decreased.
  • However, it is  only about one-fourth (23 percent) are taking advantage of the specialty zIIP/zAAP engines to offload work for the general CP’s.

“While the survey results do indicate a strong continued presence of the mainframe in support of our customer’s environments, it is not without certain challenges.Two dominant themes from the respondents were 1) mainframe skills availability and 2) budget reductions. We are ready support our customers with the sustenance and growth of their mainframe computing platform,” said Robert Fake, president & CEO of InfoSec, Inc.

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