Malaysian man gets extorted over lewd online ‘lesson’

Thursday, April 15, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR - A 22-year-old Malaysian man got blackmailed for a lewd act he did in front of his web cam three years earlier in his life.

Chong, from Sarawak, had masturbated in front of a camera at the request of an online friend known as Melvin.

Recently, the web pal messaged Chong, who was back then in his first year in college, saying he had recorded the video.

“He wanted me to teach him how to masturbate and show him how to do it,” the Star Online quoted Chong as saying at a press conference organised by the MCA Public Services and Complaints Bureau.

He added: “But I did not know he recorded it and on March 14, he sent me a message asking me to have sex with him.

“He threatened to upload the recording on the Internet and asked for RM200 after I rejected his request for sex.”

Chong said Melvin came to his house to collect the money, but “he showed up again after two weeks and asked for more money”.

He then deposited RM250 into Melvin’s account.

Worried that Melvin would continue asking for money, Chong contacted bureau head Datuk Michael Chong.

Chong defended himself saying he was naove when he made the mistake. (ANI)

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