Earthlink Webmail: Craze For Mobile Users

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 19, 2010

ATLANTA ( Yet another addition to the fast pace of technological advancement, which is creating a rave in the internet. People want to know what it is and exactly can it be used to ease up their internet usage a bit more. Introducing the new Earthlink Webmail, which is a proprietary web mail system, from the house of Earthlink.

Earthlink Webmail is expected to supersede all other service providers that caters to the mobile phone users. This is more advanced and well equipped, that provides the facility of exchanging heavy drafts and attachments in less than five minutes. In addition to that, sending and receiving emails on the phones will also get more easy and convenient. It is different from the other pre-existing mail applications on phones. This is because, Earthlink Webmail will not come with the device by default. The software has to be installed separately to the iPhone or iPads. Before using this service, the user has to install its connection manually to the account through the phone, followed with a step by step procedure to enable the proper settings and finally feed it into the device. After this procedure in completed the users can stay connected to the internet, through this service all the time. The device can also be connected to an email client that can access the Apple Mac OS X on the desktop.

However, just like any other internet services, even Earthlink Webmail users need to abide by the security measures to protect their privacy. Like any other service providers, even this is not sans of privacy hazards and can enable cyber crime. Therefore, one has to read the guidelines and comply to the security rules.

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