Meet the woman who has had cyber sex with 60 online ‘lovers’

Saturday, October 23, 2010

LONDON - A serial ‘cyber dater’, who spends most evenings online, dating men she has never met, says the idea that attracted her to do so ‘is less commitment and more fun involved’.

Marketing executive Siana Nelson uses email, dating websites, forums, webcams, Skype and instant messenger to date men around the world - none of whom she intends ever to meet in real life.

She even takes the relationship on to the next step by having cyber sex with her “lovers”.

“Cyber dating is the way forward - every modern woman should do it. I can enjoy all the intimate moments I would with any man, but there is less commitment and more fun involved,” the Sun quoted Nelson as saying.

“Instead of having to go through the motions of dinner or a film on a first date, my cyber date and I can plan a Skype video meeting.

“This means we can show each other around our flats using a webcam and then ’share’ a bottle of wine. If the date goes well and we are both willing, we will have cyber sex via the webcam at the end of the date.”

Nelson from Reading, Berkshire, is currently dating three men from different countries - America, Australia and Canada.

After having her heart broken 18 months ago, Nelson decided she wanted the safety of dating men only on the internet.

Nelson joined several forums and dating sites and started chatting to men of similar interests in Australia, America and Asia.

Nelson has cyber dated more than 100 men including lawyers, yachtsmen, architects, builders, actors and farmers.

“I’ve had cyber sex with about 60 of the men I’ve dated. Some make it clear they only want to chat and flirt and there are some I am not attracted to in that way.

“Some I have turned down for cyber sex because I found them too forward. They didn’t want to know me, they just wanted a quick internet thrill,” Nelson added.

Siana keeps a diary of the guys she likes and gives them points for their cyber dates technique. (ANI)

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