Obama visit: Relief unlikely in outsourcing sector: Official

Monday, November 1, 2010

NEW DELHI - The forthcoming visit of the US President is unlikely to provide any relief to India in the area of outsourcing of jobs, feels a former Obama campaign chief of staff.

At an interaction on “US-India Relations: How India Can trengthen its Position” organised by Observer Research oundation, Pete Dagher said he did not foresee the US President announcing any change in his policy which disallows tax breaks to companies which outsources jobs to other countries.

“It’s unlikely. I don’t think the President will open up for jobs”, Obama’s former Chief Campaign Manager said.

He also said that the President is unlikely to mention anything against China and Pakistan. He was responding to a query from Ms. Arundhati Ghose, former Indian Representative at the United Nations, who said India is expecting that the US President would do some plains peaking as regards these two neighbours of India are concerned.

“Unlikely. I don’t see any such likelihood. May be he will,” Mr. Dagher responded, adding Mr. Obama, however, has been quite outspoken against Pakistan in the US which has cost him popularity. He said the US believes that Pakistan should not become failed state.

Dagher asked India to use its strong diaspora more aggressively to lobby for its interests, as being done by the Chinese. “India is respectful while China is squeaky,” he said, adding that the 2012 presidential campaigns would begin in four months time.

He also suggested that India should work in strengthening the foundation in the Congress, and also work on media, as the Chinese have done, to reduce negative stories and increase positives.

Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, ORF, who chaired the event, said the US leadership should realise that the interests of Indian diaspora and India may not be the same. (ANI)

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