Science Extraordinaire: How About a 10,000KM Long Solar Power Plant from Asia to Australia!

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 16, 2009

Just imagine a solar power plan waving across thousands of miles from Asia to Ocenia. Probably a plan entailing 10,000 Km long electricity transmission system extended from Beijing to the Great Australian Bight. Confluence of the solar power, geothermal, wind and wave energy in Australian subcontinent flowing north and the geothermal energy extracted from Indonesian vocanoes. The low emission Austro-indonesian energy could pave its way across the wind farms of South China sea into China.

An alternative idea would be to lay down transmission system by land through Southeast Asia regional High Voltage Direct Current(HVDC) power running parallel to the existing powerlines in Malaysia, Thailand and Laos.

Southeast Asian natural gas and Laotian and Vietnamese hydro power plants could play the even-stevens in the regional grid dependent on renewable sources. China’s Three Gorges Dam could have a say in ranks of hemispheric power providers. This can be explained as using the hydro (natural gas) for baseload power in a electricity system dependent on renewable would be like using shovel to dig a canyon.

For more wind energy, geothermal energy, solar power deserts of Tibet and southern Mongolia could serve as a massive inventory. In a similar way enormous amount of power could be generated from the windfarms stretching from Shenzen to Shanghai off China’s east coast.

This brainstorm would appear more viable with regional natural gas pipelines built parallel to the high-capacity power lines. More so this would solve the colossal intricacies involved in natural gas production and distribution. This is so because the natural gas pipelines would not require expensive supercooled tankers, LNG trains, eminent domain seizure of private land or protection against pirates. On the contrary, it could be a hypothesis to achieve a infrastructure which would be highly-practical, flexible, and incur lesser-cost.

Its going to be one of the most astounding developments of modern era that is for sure.

[Information source: AmericanChronicle]

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