Self-Treatment With DCA for Cancer

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DCA has generated quite an interest in patients with Cancer, many even contemplating self-treatment for cure. The key points we know about DCA so far are:

1. Dr. Michelakis and his team at the University of Alberta discovered a remarkable new method of treating cancer by reactivating the mitochondria of cancer cells using sodium dichloroacetate, causing natural death of cancer cells (apoptosis). The cancer cells ceases to be immortal.

2. The results were very fast. 75% tumor shrinkage of occurred within three weeks of the treatment.

3. The rats showed no side effects.

4. DCA was administered through drinking water. The rats just drank water containing the DCA.

5. The Michelakis patent states a dosage of between 10mg/kg and 100 mg/kg. So I guess 10mg/KG of body weight should be a safe bet. Read below for safety information and more.

6. DCA has been safely used for many years as a treatment for some rare human metabolic conditions, most often at 25 mg/kg.

7. The authors of the article in New Scientist state that DCA is safe and causes few side effects. The most commonly stated side effect was nerve neuropathy, a painful nerve condition. If it does occur it is reversible. There are reports that gait disturbances and peripheral neuropathy can be prevented or resolved by discontinuing the drug for ten days, or administration of a thiamine supplement.

This is not a medical advice. Please consult your doctor before undergoing any treatment or therapy.

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vincent berte
October 19, 2010: 12:58 pm

where do you buy DCA?

May 14, 2010: 8:09 pm

i came across this info my dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcenoma they say it’s in his lungs, bones, spine & ribs & left leg. I would love to know if this treatment could help him in anyway.
I look forward to hearing from you.

December 1, 2009: 10:11 am

Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and, as a consequence, may aid in lung cancer prevention. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week. If you haven’t been particularly active in the past, start your exercise program slowly and gradually work up to a greater intensity. Try to include weight-bearing exercises such as walking, jogging or aerobics. These have the added benefit of keeping your bones strong.

August 10, 2007: 12:30 am

It sounds just my radiotion treatment from last summer(july 2006) when I had testicular cancer. I had the treatment done in late september and early October.

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