AIIMS / Indian Government Ideal For DCA Human Trial For Cancer Treatment

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, February 5, 2007

India is the ideal place to conduct human trial for the effectiveness of DCA ( dichloroacetate ) as anti-cancer drug. The government regulations for human trial aren’t as stringest as USA, there are funds available for such studies and frankly you don’t need much. DCA is out of patent protection and is known to be relatively harmless on humans as it has been used in Phase 1 & 2 human trials in treatment of rare metabolic disorders. It also doesn’t affect normal cells. It will also be relatively easy to get volunteers in India

Any entrepreneurs and evangelists out there who would like to contribute for such a study in India? I would be happy to contribute for such an effort.


rakesh koul
June 21, 2007: 8:47 am

my brother is sufferring from colon cancer with matastatic stage .Is there any thing in alternative therapy.He has undergone two surgeries and post surgery chemo.with lately induced cetaximab and ironitican injections

T. Gangadharan
February 27, 2007: 3:17 am

I have a close relative who has colorectal cancer which has also affected his liver; he is keen to learn more about dosages and voluntarily undergo treatment with DCA - dichloroacetate - as a possible cure for cancer.
Could you please provide contact details as soon as possible ?

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