Single biggest productivity tool I have used in a decade and its free

By angsuman, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tree Style TabIf you are Tech guy or a Business person like me, you probably spend a large part of your day with your favorite browser. Yet browser technology haven’t changed much in years. One of the biggest problem I face with all browser is how the tab content becomes hidden as you open more than few tabs (exact count depends on the width of your browser window which is again limited by your screen size).

Couple of days back I came across a very useful productivity Firefox Add-on named “Tree Style Tab“. It shows the tab in a vertical sidebar instead of showing it in the regular horizontal toolbar (which eats your premium vertical space). This uses the extra horizontal space available in most monitors these days to give a clear view of tab titles.

This helps me organize my thoughts & research in a hierarchical tab structure. When you open a link from an existing tab, it automatically adds the new tab as a sub-tab to the original tab. Also you can drag and drop the tab to create a structure of your choice.When you open a tree, it close the previous tree. This makes it easy to control total no of tabs displayed at a time.

I use browser tabs for bookmarking into my research which can go many level deep at time. With the existing tab structure, I spent most of my time clicking on tab or at best mouse-over it to find out what it is exactly about. It was boring, it was hugely frustrating and it wasted lots of time. With Tree Style tab, I can see what each tab is about easily and retain my train of thought as well the path taken. It will be invaluable to researchers.

It appears this utility was created to perfectly fit my style of work and made me at least twice as productive.

At this time it appears only in Firefox. A good reason for me to ditch chrome as my regular browser.

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Disclaimer: I have no stake in this product nor do I know the author. I had no idea something like this even existed even couple of days back.

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