5 useful Wiki Firefox Add-on

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, May 28, 2009

firefox1This world is a netizen now. We live by internet these days. It is an amazing place to acquire knowledge and get to know different kinds of things and share information. I even know people who have subscribed to numerous newsletters to get notified of the recent happenings all over the world thoroughout the day. Be it news or be  it a research you are doing, one is bound to come across unfamiliar terms and technology while surfing through the net. But encountering it, either you feel too lazy to go to a different tab and search or you do, wasting your time and focus. What bout having some cool add-ons that will bring in dictionary, wikipedia and many such informational services right on mouse hovering? Considering the importance of it, here are top 5 amazingly userful wiki firefox add-ons we have found out.

  1. WikiLook
  2. AQwikwiki
  3. Wikipedia Lookup
  4. WikiAlong
  5. QuickWiki

1. WikiLook


WikiLook is a Wikipedia & Dictionary look up. Fast, light, open source tool that define words for you without need to open new tabs or extra windows but a simple  Ctrl or Shift or Alt + RightMouseButton click. More then 70+ different languages supported!


2. AQwikQiki


Another cool and very useful wiki add-on . You’re reading an article and suddenly an unfamiliar word pops up. Usually you would wiki the word and then return to the original page. Well, no more unnecessary trips - introducing AQwikWiki (A Quick Wiki) ! Select the word(s), click AQwikWiki, and the first line from Wikipedia will appear right next to the term. Click on the > sign to see more lines. isn’t it cool enough?


3. Wikipedia lookup Extension

Wikipedia lookup

Another useful add-on that helps you bringing Wikipedia to your doorstep. It looks up up the selected word in the Wikipedia encyclopedia in the language specified in your user preferences.  and it essentially does exactly so.


4. WikiAlong


Just as the name suggests. It gives you wikipedia along with your browsing page. Wikalong is a Firefox Extension that embeds a wiki in the Sidebar of your browser, which corresponds to the current page you are viewing.  In its simplest form, a wiki-margin for the internet, but it can be much more.


[this one is for older version of Firefox, in case you have been lazy enough to download the new one, this is for you]

5.  QuickWiki


QuickWiki is a look-up tool to hunt down the meaning of a word (in Wiktionary) or some information touching on it (in Wikipedia). It is an is an experimental add-on for now. To look up a meaning in Wiktionary, press SHIFT and right-click the word to get the meaning. I tried it out with a few idioms too (select the phrase) and more often than not it gave to me the meanings of the common ones. The latest version also gives us antonyms and synonyms.


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