How to make Firefox blazing fast in a jiffy: fasterfox add-on

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, March 5, 2010

fasterfoxComplains for Firefox browser’s sluggishness is incessant and continues to plague the users. No doubt the web is flooded with ideas of doubling up Firefox browser’s speed, but these require you to change the set up manually. From pipeline to rendering to loading configuring each element to optimize the performance of your Firefox browser could be a daunting task. What if you could tweak the entire process of firefox speeding up from a single interface. Well, our system admin carved out a shortcut with simple firefox add-on: Fasterfox (EladKarako Mod), which will enable you to accomplish the tweaking in jiffy. Let’s see how you can double up the speed of Firefox browser effortlessly. You just need to try it, to believe it.

To begin with install Fasterfox (EladKarako Mod) 3.1.2a and restart. Now just follow the steps below

Step 1

Go to the Tools>Add-on. Click open the Fasterfox Preferences.

Step 2


As the Fasterfox-options window opens go to the Presets tab. Check the Custom option radio button to get the advanced options. Now you will be able to see some new new tabs aligned.

Step 3

Check the Enable Enhanced Prefetching to utilize idle bandwidth for download and cache links in the background. Check the Fasterfox Page Load Timer. This will show you the page load time in the status bar and clear the cache from the same location. You need to clear cache each time you retest a page.

Step 4

Move to the cache tab


In the Browser Cache Preference change the value of Memory Cache Capacity to 65536 and Disk Cache Capacity to 76800.

You can increase the the cache if you have enough RAM.

In the DNS Cache Preference change the value of DNS Cache Expiration to 3600 and DNS Cache Entries to 512.
Increasing the DNS cache of the browser will eliminate unnecessary DNS queries that slows down the performance.

If the RAM size is 2GB you can increase the cache size as well

Step 5

Move to the Connection tab


In the HTTP Connection Preferences set the following fields

  • Max connections: 48
  • Max connections Per Server: 24
  • Max Persistent Connections Per Server: 8
  • Max Persistent Connections Per Proxy: 16

By increasing the number of connections the browser makes yo each server you can increase the number of items to be downloaded simultaneously

Step 6

Go to the Pipelining tab


Check each of following

  • Enable Pipelining
  • Enable Pipelining of First Request
  • Enable Proxy Pipelining

Set the value of Max Pipelining Requests to 8

Pipelining allows you to send multiple requests and can be set to the server without waiting for the responses

Step 7

Go to the Rendering tab


Check the Enable FastBack

Set the pages in memory to 5

Rendering Preferences

Set the Initial Paint Delay: 10

Set the Submenu Delay: 50

Initial Paint Delay is the time for which Firefox waits before beginning to render the page.

Step 8

Go to Popup Preference


Check the Disable Popups from Plugins

What’s more you can get the clear cache with a just right-click on the status bar. The time-loader shows you the loading time for pages. There are hidden preferences that can block these block the sneaky popups that are opened via Flash plugin exploit.

In addition to this you can get the clear cache with a just right-click on the status bar. The time-loader shows you the loading time for pages.

After having done with Fasterfox you can experience a faster Firefox. Don’t forget to share your experience.

April 27, 2010: 11:39 am

Thanks For Your Review Partho (Gaea News Network)

The Most Updated-Version Is 3.1.2b (I’ve Just Uploaded It To Mozilla Servers) and You Can Download It From The Usual Location At

You Can Watch YouTube Video Review Of Fasterfox (EladKarako Mod) at That One Includes The Install Process, Working With Fasterfox (EladKarako Mod) And My Favorite Customizations To Enhance Speed Even More.

If You Are Using Xp/Vista You Might Want To Read About “Half-Open Connection Limit” and How To Patch It Up In Your Windows, To Allow More Then 10 Connections Opened At A Time.

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