Top 10 Newest Firefox Add ons

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 23, 2009

firefoxMozilla is continuously improving its firefox browsing experience with the revolutionary add-ons. The innovative add-on have assisted in enhancing the existing features and adding new feature to the browser. These are fairly minimalistic applications that ranges from use of simple themes to handling various files and content types. There are loads of firefox add-ons released and they are downloaded thousands of times weekly. I was looking for the latest in the line that could enrich your firefox, as I came across the 10 newest Firefox addon.

1. Foxy URL

This firefox add-on offers functionality like the tinyURL. It can easily generate short URLs.


2. Hard Music Magazine Boom 1.0

It’s a cool add-on for HM Magazine aficionados. It provides you with the news, exclusive content and video from the magazine’s official site.


3. No Mouse

This is a simple add on for those of you who would like to browse the web with your keyboard. You can access the links, hyperlinks, images or any other element using the shortcut keys.


4. TV-Fox

tv-foxWith this add-on you can watch TV directly from your Firefox Browser. It offers you view thousands of free TV Channels on internet sorted out  by country and category.


5. LongURL Mobile Expander 1.0.1

The social network sites like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly attacked with worms like Mikeyy worm. These use TinyURL or another link-shortening service to hide the malicious links. The LongURL firefox extension reveals the real URL, helping to avoid the scam.


6. OutWit Docs

This add-on enables searching the web for PDF files, Office documents etc.  It is compatible for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


7. Xyberhome

It allows grouped tabbing that can be made public. It also offers a seamless online storage side bar and a power search bar.


8. ReloadEvery

Realoading web pages is always a hassle. This Firefox add-on helps to get rid of reloading. It reloads the web pages every second or minute.


9. OpinionCloud

It’s a small add-on that allows you to analyze video’s comments. It highlights the keywords that are frequently used. Click on any one of the keyword would enlist all the comments containing the word.


10. Gmail Manager

With this add on you can manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications. It also provides the details of your account like unread message, saved drafts, spams, etc.


May 11, 2009: 8:34 am

Great list of add-ons! I really liked no.1 and 8. Here’s another one - its a cool toolbar called Billeo. It has a nifty set of tools to organize your life online, be it shopping or paying your bills. Check it out.

April 24, 2009: 2:48 pm

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