Sterlizing Sponge With Microwave; Don’t Forget To Soak

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 26, 2007

University of Florida reported a study that found microwave ovens can be used to sterilise kitchen sponges. Unfortunately many people who decided to experiment didn’t read the fine print.

The research team found that two minutes in the microwave at full power could kill a range of bacteria, viruses and parasites on kitchen sponges.

Obviously someone had to try it - “… when I put my sponge/scrubber into the microwave, it caught fire, smoked up the house, ruined my microwave, and pissed me off”.

University of Florida issued an advisory - “To guard against the risk of fire, people who wish to sterilise their sponges at home must ensure the sponge is completely wet. Two minutes of microwaving is sufficient for most sterilisation. Sponges should also have no metallic content. Last, people should be careful when removing the sponge from the microwave as it will be hot.”

It pains me to see that the University had to issue an advisory for something which is plain common sense. It reminds me of Dr. Einstein who prophetically said - “common sense is not so common”. I think modern gadgets like television, calculator and satellite navigation systems are actually making us dumber.

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