Tata Indicom Broadband PostPaid Connection - First Impressions

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Update: Tata Indicom Broadband Connection SUCKS!

My current impression is that Tata Indicom Broadband SUCKS whenever there is any downtime and there are many. My connection is down for 7 days! I have called everyday their customer service number ( 60607070 ) and everytime they responds that it is in progress. Nobody ever attended to the problem. Nobody visited the premises in the last 7 days and they continue to placate me. All they say is “I am extremely sorry” and yet  nobody calls up, nobody visits the premises, nobody tells me what the problem is and nobody solves it. And the best part is that they have the gall to bill me for the days they didn’t provide any broadband service, despite their customer services reps contention that they automatically take care of unavailable service periods. Tata Indicom Broadband is not suitable for business, not suitable for home. They do not deserve to exist, it is a sick joke.

Tata Indicom Broadband is the worst broadband service ever. Stay away from it as you would stay away from bubonic plague or Bird Flu.

I am leaving Tata and moving to Airtel Home 2222 broadband connection plan, if available. Tata Indicom Broadband is an absolute disaster. Even Alliance Broadband is better.

In Kolkata their contact person is Debashis Ghosh & Sourav Dutta. Their mobile numbers are 9331851023 & 9231041517 respectively. They never ever picks up the mobile in my experience. I have tried over 100 times. Feel free to call them and find out. They are the face of Tata and it ain’t pretty.

I am sorry to say Tata Indicom in my book provides the worst customer service even by Indian standards. Remember when I say Tata Indicom sucks, I am being polite.

And all these rant is coming from a person who had in the past defended them and even praised them in this very article. A lot has changed in the intervening years. At one point Tata Indicom was good. Today they are the worst broadband service you can imagine.

Read my original review below:

Tata Indicom Broadband suffers from strongly negative perceptions on the internet which I summarized in Tata Indicom Broadband meta review. Based on the strongly negative perceptions I was initially reluctant to get Tata Indicom Broadband even as a secondary / backup connection. However BSNL DataOne Broadband continued to fail me miserably. For the last 3 weeks or so my unlimited plus BSNL Broadband connection has been on and off for almost equal time, probably more off than on. I was frustrated beyond imagination and my business was suffering. So I decided to go with my gut feelings and based on one positive report by Arjit from South Calcutta /Kolkata, the location I too stay. I have to say my impressions so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Read on for details.

Tata Indicom Unlimited Broadband: PostPaid versus Prepaid plan comparison

I did some initial research at Tata Indicoms Broadband site and wasn’t able to decide between Postpaid versus Prepaid unlimited plans. Prepaid was cheaper by about 100Rs and also there are good discounts for long commitments. On the other hand Postpaid plan came with static IP, which is highly desirable to us for two reasons. Firstly we can use the 1 Mbps connection for backup DNS server and as emergency backup mail server, should for any reason the main server becomes temporarily unavailable (you can never rely on any server unless you have backups). Secondly static IP allows us to send product emails and upgrades from our local servers without routing it through our main mail (taragana.com) server. Having static IP also allows us to stay out of any IP blacklists. In our other BSNL Dataone Broadband connection we get dynamic IPs; unfortunately most of which are flagged because many blacklist service providers tend to ban dynamic IPs en masse. In short static IP is good but I was still undecided. So I called their contact number and they scheduled a sales representative to arrive on the next day.

The sales representative said that postpaid connections for business were served from a different server and he strongly recommended it over the prepaid connection for reliability and consistent speed. I could believe him because I have seen with BSNL that business connections were better served than home connections. After studying the router setup I am now confident that he was correct. What I liked about this guy was that he was very upfront about all the charges and all his details checked out, a very pleasant experience (WYHIWYG) by Indian standards.

What impressed me most was that Tata Indicom stressed on 85% service guarantee, they didn’t pussyfoot and promised more than they are confident of delivering. If you consider that bad for your taste then consider this - BSNL DataOne broadband provides no guarantee about their service and availability and their service is currently unavailable most of the time. BSNL DataOne customer service merely provides a complaint number but the problem is never (you read that right) ever addressed. I am yet to hear from anyone who could ever solve any problems with BSNL Dataone broadband. In a scale of 1-10 where 1 is the worst, BSNL Dataone Broadband ranks at -10 or less. I am speaking from 2 years of bitter experience with BSNL Dataone broadband.

Tata Indicom Unlimited Broadband Installation Service

I didn’t want to compromise and static IP was the clincher. I opted for postpaid unlimited broadband connection. The sales rep. said it will be installed in 7 days.

The cable guy came the very next day and laid the cable with lots of extra cable should we decide to move to a different room. At that moment my BSNL landline phone started acting up and there was strong hissing sound even though the line was connecting. I coaxed him to tighten the BSNL connection, assuming they became loose when he laid the new line. He said it was not possible but obliged anyway. Then I traced the problem was originating from my BSNL ADSL modem, which I was soon able to rectify (more on it later). Nice service so far.

At this time I was a bit worried that the installation may also be done on the same day; it was Saturday and I didn’t want them to come for the next 3-5 days while I got the chance to do some reading on how to properly route and load balance two adsl connections. However I didn’t want to postpone them either as it was a very pleasant experience to see fast service in Indian context (no offence intended; it is stark reality, even foreign companies provide lackadaisical customer service in India. Try connecting to Samsung customer service for example; been unable to merely connect to their phone number for 3-4 days, let alone book a complaint.). The installation engineer came on the very same day and took about 10 minutes to setup my connection. He was very polite. He didn’t have much clue about Linux. However all he needed was a browser to connect to the ADSL modem which I provided him with. In few minutes he was done. He configured it so I could connect the router to my switch and all the machines will have direct connection to the internet (with NAT & DHCP). He also showed me how to make the required changes myself should I ever need to reset the modem, sweet. He asked for a login for my email account which he registered and it was all over. He was very nice.

Tata Indicom Unlimited Broadband Connection Speed

The download speed was decent at 30-35 Kbps (bytes per second). I haven’t tested the upload but the good news is that they promise the upload to be the same as download or 512 Kbps, whichever is less. With BSNL Dataone broadband unlimited plan you get a measly 5-7 Kbps at best.

The connection has been without problem so far. I am testing it for 1.5 days now so I can give a better verdict on it later, much later.

Tata Indicom Unlimited Broadband Customer Service

The first level customer service was particularly skillful. However they were able to reset my password. They also clarified one other issue for me correctly. I would rate them as ok so far.

Tata Indicom Unlimited Postpaid Broadband Capability & Flexibility

Using Tata Indicom broadband is dead simple for both Linux & Windows. They set it up as a router with NAT and DHCP enabled. So you can just plug the cable from the router to your hub or switch and can seamlessly share the connection with any number of computers. I also tried using their USB connector and it worked without any problem at all. In Linux I just had to add a new network interface. It recognized the USB and allowed me to add the interface and activate it. It took me about 2 minutes to switch to using USB, instead of ethernet connector, on my Fedora Core 6 box.

The router comes with built-in firewall (they all do) which protects your computer from outside access. You can however setup virtual servers to route traffic to particular port to one of your internal servers. You can also setup DMZ.

Having equal upload & download speed means you can setup small servers on your machine. I will setup my backup DNS server here for the time being before we move it to our new dedicated server. Static IP is ideal for demoing any product or solution.

My personal initial experience with Tata Indicom Broadband unlimited Postpaid connection has been very positive so far in South Kolkata. However as I said before broadband service / provider experience can be very location dependent. Your mileage may vary and there are tons of negative experiences with Tata Indicom Broadband in the net. My impressions have been somewhat influenced by my (utterly negative) experiences with BSNL DataOne broadband and overall understanding of the broadband scenario in India; my broadband needs are more technical than average Joe user, but the simple installation of Tata Indicom is bound to impress anyone. If you are thinking of using Tata Indicom, go for postpaid and with router. They have a good deal with 1Mbps unlimited connection for approx Rs. 4000.


Riki Diengdoh
June 13, 2010: 12:37 pm

how will i know my monthly balance

July 4, 2009: 11:37 pm

Well what can I say, I had the very same experience. I had post paid 256K for an year and it worked fine. No downtime at all, but they had trouble getting me connected with static IP so it was always a dial in and dynamic. When their faster speeds came out I opted for their pre paid plans and that worked well for 3 months. Then trouble started… Its basically been useless. Broadband in india is fine for people who use it occassionally. IE they dont depend on it for anything. But if a new connection is as important to you as a phone is for many people then its useless. The line kept disconnecting all the time. This locks up java apps and sometimes reboots your PC. Lately the connection drops when ever the power goes out. And even lately the connection never comes back until the next day. Sometimes speeds drop drastically. I am just not sure what the problem is. Connectivity is intermittent and so are the speeds. So I now have 4 connections. BSNL took over 3 weeks to get connected. And in the end after chasing and calling every number they gave me, I went in again and found the office which installs your modem and they had no idea who I was. But the computer told them I needed installation. Well they cant find that unless they have a paper saying I needed installation. So good thing I went in and they gave me a modem and said hook it up. But when I got home I find BSNL is down. The line was up for 3 weeks but I didnt have the login info and they say I go in and find it it goes down. Asianet has routing problems. Locks up java apps because of it I need to reboot the machine to fix it. Reliance has problems in the evening, maybe because of high loads? So there are 4 connections and there are times, when all 4 are down at the same time.

Asher Jai Kishan
July 3, 2009: 8:19 pm

Whoaaa!!! that was some change in opinion.. Am scared about my connection.. I got day before yesterday.. I don’t think I would have gone for it if I had read this before.

irfan shaikh
February 27, 2009: 10:04 pm

Dear sir, i want to bye wireless USB for my laptop in goa please contact me via mail i will glad if you contact me

October 16, 2008: 5:08 pm

tata indicom is not good… because there connection is not stable and download speed is too low…i am fed up with it….

October 3, 2008: 8:08 am


Don’t get Tata Indicom Broadband. Overall it sucks!
Read my updated post above.

kishori ray
June 16, 2008: 11:27 pm

Hi, I am Kishori, i was thinking to get tata indicom broadband, a plan for 6 month within 10000 rs. I live in Barisha/Behala area. What is ur experience now after using tata indicom for almost one year, still working ok? Kindly drop me a line about this to anuradhadasi@yahoo.de

I with Alliance broadband, but since i am in Barisha area the service is not good, since it is going over shristhi broadband and sat-vision.

NikhilDx 's helper
February 29, 2008: 7:33 am

Hello NikhilDx,

a little hint. You have to configure your router as a bridge.

February 27, 2008: 9:26 am

I recently got the Tata-indicom broadband installed with a static IP address. However, I’m unable to forward the port 80 to my internal IP and hence not able make my website available to internet. Whenever I hit my static ip address, it prompts for my ADSL credentials, which means, the default router micro-httpd is still listening on port 80. BUt when I configure an entry in NAT for forwarding port 80 to internal IP address, it accurately prompts that internal HTTP server will now be moved to 8080.

The modem deployed at my place is of Broadcom.

Is there any other setting which I’m probably missing here ?

Any sort of pointers to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.


February 12, 2008: 10:23 pm

I too get excellent service (complained in the morning, got fixed couple of hours later in the mroning) from BSNL in Kolkata. Initially they asked for tips, I politely refused them. Now they don’t ask anymore. However I have befriended them and they do everything possible to ensure that I have a good connection.

No idea.

gunjan bhure
February 12, 2008: 3:52 am

i had a problem with tata indicom plug 2 serve connectivity. please suggest any solution/software to solve this. is plug 2 serve compatible with windows server 2003???????????/

October 20, 2007: 6:06 pm

I see that many people have problem with BSNL customer service when the connection is down. I have found a way to get around it. I slip some money into the pocket of the local telephone exchange guy who comes to fix it. I also got his mobile number. So whenever there is problem, I call him and he comes next day and fixes it. Once I told him to change the entire phone line (it was broken in many places) from the distribution center to my internet point and he did it! What service!! That day I sliped a 200. Better than paying Rs900 for a dead internet connection.

October 3, 2007: 6:48 am

it has been a day dat i’ve purchased a no. postpaid of tata indicom .. it has not started yet & i am notknowing my mobile number also.
my crf number is DL00631161 .
so please hepl me to sort this problem out.

e-mail– chris_james999@yahoo.co.in

kapil sreedhar
September 19, 2007: 9:40 pm

Sir Angsuman Chakraborty , thats a very positive review, i got loads of info from ur post! i am a bsc physics student from kerala,trivandrum, even i am let down lack of unlimited speed plans(as iam also not the average joe) from all broadband service providers… yesterday happened to see the postpaid tariff of tata, 1mbps unlimited… that was dream come true for me! i am going for that connection! do post more info on what ever u get of ur connection! hav a wonderful time using the power of internet!

Dharma Raju
September 18, 2007: 8:04 am

Required staticip
Cell: 9948292773,9989244218

August 18, 2007: 5:01 am

need voip from tata

July 31, 2007: 3:06 am

When I was testing my web based product, in the middle I have changed some folder options, like setting -> control panel, Tools menu -> Folder options, View tab - Hidden files & folders, I changed from hidden to unhidden (vice-versa)

I have a big problem my product website trying to refresh,
Not only my product, I checked with remaining web sites also, those pages also after doing this folder options changes, getting refresh.

Im facing this issue only in IE.

If any one have any idea, plz post.

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