Do You Think that India can Fulfill the Dream of 240 mn Broadband Users by 2015?
Department of Telecom (DoT) & Department of Information Technology (DIT ) and Department of Information Technology (DIT) organized 7 th International conference, Broadband Tech India 2010 at New Delhi.
Global Net Users to Surpass 2 bilion by the End of 2010
According to the latest report by United Nation, one third of the global population are going to be net users by the end of 2010. The Telecommunications Union (ITU) further reported that the online users across the globe has doubled in the last five years.
Half of the World Population should Have Broadband Access by 2015: UN
The UN said on Sunday that it wants high speed broadband for half of the world population within the next five years.
FCC now Puts Broadband at 4Mbps in USA
As per the report of FCC on Tuesday, 24 million people do not have access to Broadband in USA.
Every UK Home will Get Superfast Broadband by 2020
Prime Minister of UK, Mr Gordon Brown is expected to promise later that every UK home will be able to access superfast broadband by the year 2020.
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