Top 10 Recruitment Software

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

17082_graduate-recruitmentIn this recession-hit scenario, most of the companies are busy streamlining their work to maximize cost cutting. As I have already substantiated with HRM Software, the Recruitment Software or the Staffing Software helps to make the recruitment procedure less manual, reducing the expenditure in the process. It also increases the productivity and eliminates the need for data entry and other non-productive tasks. With recruitment software a company needs lesser individuals to conduct the recruitment process. Further, the staffing gets more organized, smoother and hassle free. The key is to select the right recruiting software available in the market. Most importantly, you must consider the size of the industry where you would use the software industry.  Here’s the list of top 10 recruitment software designed for efficient management of recruitment in various businesses.  

1.  cBizOne

cbizsoft3This is an affordable recruitment software targeted at small and mid-market staffing firms. It works in  stand-alone or multi-user, multi-office  environment. cBizOne features candidate/resume tracking, job management, email management, calendar/scheduling Management, web posting/searching, extensive reporting (Hardcopy, PDF, HTML), integrated company management and client Management.   cBizOne available in cBizOne and cBizOne Pro versions.

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2. Arithon

arithonThere are three different editions of this recruitment software- Agency( startup businesses), Corporate and Enterprise. Arithon  facilitates management of placement process with instant web integration. The software stands out for its advanced features that includes the upscale CV Parsing technology and candidate curtaining.

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3. RecruitTrak

recruittrackThis is a fully customizable recruitment software for businesses.  RecruitTrak tracks the profile of applicants and matches it with job openings. Other key features of RecruitTrak include data management and resume parsing, integrated with Outlook.

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4. Bullhorn On Demand

bullhornThis is recruiting software has been employed in several firms for recruiting and staffing. The software is swift in filling job orders. It can fill orders in real time that’s a big plus with increasing employment demands.

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5. SonicRecruit

sonicrecruitDeveloped by Cytiva, this staffing software is designed to manage mid to large sized industry. SonicRecruit combines the best of applicant tracking, onboarding and employee performance management.

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6. BOND Adapt

bond-adaptAdapt is a powerful staffing software deigned for recruitment consultancies of all sizes. It provides tools for managing present business and  retaining confidently plan future success.

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otyslogoThat’s an e-Recruiting solution designed for small mid-sized recruiting organization. It includes a career portal a highly interactive job-board & ATS that allows cross posting. OTYS’s integrated e-mail client enables the users to control the entire recruitment process from a single point. The unique features with OTYS is the automated search engine optimization (ASEO). The Back Office Suite helps to keep in touch with clients and candidates.

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8. Ultra-Staff

ultra_frontIt has been deployed widely on the desktops across North America and Europe. Ultra-Staff offers distinct paths for contract staffing and direct hire placement. It covers everything, with one database, providing total integration.

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isysThis recruiting software essentially simplifies the process of recruitment. It can perform extensive searches. ISYS can search emails, file folders, and attachments. It becomes easy to search the potential employees with required experience and skills.

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10. StaffingSoft

staffingsoftIt is an Internet-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Staffingsoft offers a suite of tools that helps to integrate and manage talent recruitment and retention. The software provides customizable talent management framework to find and hire the best talents.

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June 21, 2010: 2:54 pm

At The Project Company BV - in Eindhoven / The Netherlands we have developed the first Recruitment Software Application 100% built on Google Apps technology. The solution is named Status Matches PRO. Whilst using Google’s technology like Gmail, Google Calender, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Video we make perfect use of these collaboration tools and benefit from the best available infrastructure in the world to host our solution.
Easy to use and easy to implement. Interested, look on the Google Apps Marketplace or drop me an email.

June 15, 2010: 2:46 am

Doing a google search for recruitment software and number 1 is eBoss. eBoss offers comparible functions and features at a price that is usually half of its comptetitors. It can be done

April 29, 2010: 11:15 am

Thanks for the post, now days there are no. of recruitment software available in the market. I am agree what Poushali says about Talentpool.

March 4, 2010: 5:51 am

There are so many variations in recrutiment software, you need to find one that you can taylor to you!



March 2, 2010: 2:24 pm

As many have already said, the order in which you have your top ten may not be correct. However, it is your top ten and we can agree to disagree with your order. With that said I must my two cents in and say Applicant Stack is another great applicant tracking software specifically for small to mid-size businesses and has a great online employment application.

January 29, 2010: 7:14 am

UK based company Digitec Systems Ltd… have an exptremely good reliable system, they even have a completely FREE package 1stSelectGO! Deffinately worth a look I have been using the database for several years now!

Anjie Krishnan
November 12, 2009: 5:42 am


Iam trying do a research / paper on “Recruiting Software” market. I want to know the current trends and market developments. So can anyone pls suggest me the links that i can get the info from if possible


September 9, 2009: 6:05 pm

Recruitment Software
Dont forget 3hats
Very useful workflow.
Excellent marketing systems

August 24, 2009: 10:34 am

HireCraft is the India’s largest ATS product with more than 70% of the ATS tools used in India that includes 9 out of top 10 consulting firms.

August 24, 2009: 10:29 am

HireCraft is the India’s largest recruitment software and all other (about 5 to 6) cover less than 30% of India’s ATS product market share whereas HireCraft covers about 70% of market share that include 9 of to 10 Recruitment Companies.

This is the validated data and you will prove to be wrong of claiming someone else as #1. I would like to honestly state that Taleo is number 1 product company with revenues of abou $180million/Trailing Twelve Months and they are NASDAQ listed. I do not think the number one company you have mentioned in your report have revenues of a couple of millions.

March 6, 2009: 6:09 pm

There are so many recruitment software products out there, it is all about finding the one that fits your business the best. Alongside the traditional packages there are also some relative new comers with innovative features that Recruitment Consulants will find extremely useful…

March 4, 2009: 9:25 am

Top 10 Recruitment Software:

You missed out on Taleo and Gopher which are globally recognized recruitment software.

Also an India based software that we are using and which looks and works in quite a user friendly way: Talentpool.

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