Top 10 VPS Web Hosting Provider in 2010

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 30, 2010

vpsWe have already done with the top 10 shared web hostingVPS web hosting solution edges over shared web hosting in several areas. This time we decided to focus on VPS web hosting. VPS web hosting is the most significant move in server virtualization technology. Virtual private servers have increasingly bridged the gap between shared web hosting service and dedicated hosting services. VPS web hosting is an ideal choice for businesses looking for reliability, flexibility, security and scalability. It the most feasible option for high resource web applications that require more power and resources than shared hosting. VPS hosting solution are not only highly scalable and powerful compared to dedicated servers, but also low budget hosting solution. Each virtual server can run its full-fledged operating system and each server can be independently rebooted. VPS has been developed by hosting companies to satisfy the need of an increasing number of web hosting users that requires more flexibility, custom configuration, root access etc. When it comes to choosing the top VPS hosting solution, a number of factors should be taken into account. After an extensive research we assembled a list of top 10 VPS web hosting providers.

1. InMotion


InMotion VPS web hosting offers an exclusive Speed Zone technology that helps to keep the website and email fast by locating data as close to you as possible.
The Virtual Dedicated Servers are excellent alternative to dedicated servers and perfect for those

Our Virtual Dedicated Servers are a great alternative to dedicated servers and perfect for those who need more than a shared account can offer . Also called Virtual Private Servers (VPS hosting), our virtual servers are complete hosting environments right from the start. They have everything necessary to be a complete separate server, including optional root level access.

Users can perform 10 simultaneous FTP transfers that is outstanding and makes site maintenance extremely fast. The default settings allow for good operation without running into annoying limitations. The default settings allow for good operation without running into annoying limitations. The default settings allow reasonable operations without any hassles. However, the VPS web hosting service lacks a SFTP.

Key feature

  • Fast email with SPAM blocking
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Reliable with 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Free Domain Registration With WHOIS Privacy
  • Free Backups of Your Data
  • Your Choice of Data Center
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


Launch - $5.95/mo - Small Business Starter
Power - $8.95/mo $7.95/mo - Top Choice for Small Business
Pro - $18.95/mo $17.95/mo - Most Features, Host 16 Sites on 1


2. HostV

The VPS web hosting service have both Managed & Unmanaged VPS Packages that are perfect for both novice and advanced users looking for the perfect VPS.
The service features unique Virtuozzo Power Panel that is an easy to use management tool exclusively designed for Virtual Dedicated Server. It provides an alternative way to of controlling the virtual dedicated server even when it is offline. It can reboot the server when it is down, manage resources and view logs of the server. The service offers pre-installed FFmpeg & Video Modules  — a collection of free software that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video. Further, the ffmpeg hosting also converts and encodes videos and audios, allowing clients to start their own video sharing websites.

The managed VPS plan is a all-in-one package with pre-installed & pre-configured Software & Security. Managed VPS comes with cPanel & WebHostManager installed for free and powered by Virtuozzo. Unmanaged VPS plans is a build for both developers and advanced customers. It also includes a Virtuozzo Power Panel free for VPS management & reboots.


Managed VPS plans start at $29.99/mo and the Unmanaged VPS plans start at $29.99.


3. Lunarpages

The VPS hosting plans are designed to meet the demands of more popular website with higher resource and usage requirements. The VPS plans are also for e-commerce hosting or for webmasters who have outgrown shared hosting but are not ready to upgrade to Dedicated Hosting.

They offer parallels virtual private servers and xen Virtual Private Servers.

These are ideal solution for those demanding control of a dedicated server paired with the cost-effective simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account.

Xen VPS  the latest offering from Lunarpages with stable, reliable, resilent and provide dedicated RAM and trouble free upgrade and backups.


Starting plan for parallels virtual private servers, Linux  is $49.95 and Windows is $64.95. The specifications for both are as below

  • Free domain name
  • 512MB Memory
  • 20GB Disk Space
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
  • Parallels® Plesk Panel
  • Parallels Virtuozzo Container

Starting  Plan for Xen VPS, Linux comes at $27.95

  • Free domain name
  • 256 MB Memory
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
  • Centos 5.4


4. different from other services, instead of simply partitioning a physical server and selling them as virtual server, the service offers a Virtual Private Server Cloud. They segment their infrastructure into nodes that are blocks of resources (256MB of RAM, 10GB storage, 250GB transfer, and a certain CPU share). Clients can pool the segments in various ways to generate custom virtual machines. Clients can purchase as much hosting space as they need and exercise full control over the management of it. Currently, they have Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo, Debian and Turnkey Linux.

  • Build, test and deploy your server instantly
  • Choice of operating systems
  • Access limitless resources with instant scalability
  • Self healing with automatic failover
  • Daily billing - only pay for what you use
  • Fully redundant gigabit network connectivity
  • No commitment - upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime
  • Easy to use management interface, API & full root access


Starting plan at $20 (dedicated CPU - 0.6GHz, RAM - 376, Storage - 10GB, Bandwidth - 250GB)


5. WebHostingBuzz

A web professional may want the freedom and security of a dedicated server, without the dedicated server price. We offer several virtualized private server options to offer you the ultimate in hosting utility. CPanel is the control panel choice over at WebHostingBuzz. WebHostingBuzz boasts the multi-language version of cPanel to provide the most people with the opportunity to benefit from the great web hosting solutions over at WebHostingBuzz. With CPanel, you will have a neatly organized and easy-to-use way to manage your website hosted at WebHostingBuzz.


Starting plan at $24.95(Disk Space-25GB, Bandwidth - 500GB, Memory - 512MB )


6. IX Web hosting VPS hosting

IX Web hosting VPS hosting are meant for websites with good amount of traffic and doesn’t need a dedicated server. There are three IX web hosting VPS plans. These plans are available for anyone’s needs that require a higher amount of resources when it comes to web hosting solution. The IX Web hosting VPS plans provide root access, burstable memory and some other VPS features.  IX Web hosting allows clients the choice between cPanel or Plesk. the service provides Dedicated IP addresses. IX hosting allows great bandwidth and disk space allotment. IX Web hosting datacenter offers top notch security features. They ensure that the performance of the servers is not affected by the environmental changes. IX web hosting has unlimited storage and bandwidth, and unlimited domain hosting. The IX VPS hosting plan start from 10GB storage space and 384 MB RAM. It has faster website loading speed and higher server performance.


The VPS package starts at $29.95


7. StartLogic

StartLogic has a wide range of web hosting solutions for individual websites such as webmasters and small businesses. They offer hosting solutions with shopping cart capability that allows users to send merchandise online.  sophisticated data encryption techniques to enhance the security of their customers data. The website marketing solution enables their customers to increase the reach of their services. It uses vDeck control that is simple to use as compared to other control panels. The control panel is quite user-friendly and the entire procedure of configuring and organizing the web site is simple.


Starting plan VPS Logic at $29.95/mo (20GB storage, 1000GB transfer).


8. EasyCGI

One of the benefits of VPS web hosting is that a major benefit as the VPS account looks just like a dedicated server. This is because it is contained in a dedicated partition.  EasyCGI guarantees 99.9% uptime to assure that the clients website stays online. EasyCGI VPS Hosting provides you with the server monitoring that you need and they will fix any problems that could arise. In case you want managed web hosting without the big price tag, EasyCGI VPS Hosting is a great way to accomplish it. With root access With root/administrator access, clients have full control of your server remotely. EasyCGI VPS hosting automatically comes with a firewall in order to prevent your VPS account from being prone to malicious attacks.

Key features

  • Up to 2000GB Bandwidth!
  • Plesk Included with Plans Free
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Debian Linux Servers
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Same day Setup
  • Free Firewall Protection


Starting Plan at $7.96


9. Jumpline

It’s a premium web host that offers one of the fastest connections on the market. They 2 control panel namely Plesk and Cpanel. CPanel is most common panel offered by various hosts and includes 35 quickly accessible functions. The functions can be segmented into file management, e-mail administration, disk space usage, web forums, statistics, add-on domain name management, SE submission, online system security etc. The advanced Plesk site builder provides hundreds of design options and all the features necessary to build even the most complex of website. CPanel includes Webalizer that provides excellent website statistical analysis application. It’s VPS hosting packages include VPS 256, VPS 512 and VPS 1024.

The VPS basic package VPS 256 include CPU share, 40GB Disk Space, 1000GB bandwidth, 256MB memory, 1024MB burstable memory, 2 IP adressses and purchase price of $39.95/month.




This VPS hosting offers reliable and cheap web hosting and supports many domain names. IPOWER vps hosting is ideal for all business owners. vDeck is without doubt the next generation control panel for effective web administration and ranks equally with cPanel.  Their state-of-art-data centers ensure maximum speed as well as reliability.


Starting plan at $49/mo (20GB disk space, data transfer 1000 GB, memory 128MB)


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