The Role Of Quality Manager in Agile Development

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, November 1, 2009

xpcircles Agile projects emphasize on  working software, which is quite different from traditional software. Traditionally, the success of a project is measured by the functional milestone.  (analysis complete, documentation complete, code complete etc). In agile projects, however, working software is the final measurement of project status. At the end of each short iteration, a working product is produced  and available for review. There are several metrics available for agile project. This is important to go through some of them.

Agile Project Metrics:

  • You can use the function points to measure the functionality of the system.
  • Measure the number of tasks completed in a necessary metrics.
  • The total time that is used in a critical metrics.
  • Establishing the lines of codes per developer based on some kind of code quality metrics.
  • Another effective metrics is Running Tested Features (RTF). It quantifies about how much business value has been achieved during the development process. The main advantage of this metrics provides enough time to fix any mistake during the execution of a project before it affects adversely on the project.

Roles of Project Manager:

In agile methodology, this is the responsibility of the whole team to achieve the success of the project. The achievement does not rest only on the project manager alone. In agile project development, the bottom line is that the project manager drives the metrics , the metrics does not drive the manager. I jotted down some basic qualities that a project manager should possesses  and they are:

  • He should be a strong motivator in order to achieve team communication and collaboration.
  • He should focus upon continuous learning strategy of the team members.
  • He should promote feedback because sooner we know something sooner we can improve or  correct the mistake.
  • The main job of the project manager is to remove any obstacle.
  • He should conduct ‘agile meeting’ periodically.
  • Helps improve the productivity of the team.
  • The biggest benefit of this methodology is that project goal is reported in every day. So the project manager does not need to create a status report.
  • Cost estimation and project scheduling is easily accomplished based on quality project metrics in combination with the active participation of the team members.

What project manager shouldn’t do:

  • Quality or project manager doesn’t manage the team.
  • They don’t assign tasks.
  • Also, they don’t make decision for the team


Agile quality management is primarily about human resource management. The total team spirit is the sum of the team morale of individual member. Agile quality manager has the responsibility to facilitate the team and remove any impediment during the execution of the project.


Juha ´Riissanen
April 6, 2010: 8:25 am

Nice thoughts. The title talks about Quality Manager role but most of the text talks about Project Manager but concludes with Quality Management. Then again, content seems to describe Scrum Master as I understand it. How do you see the difference between these roles?

November 3, 2009: 2:15 am

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