What’s the new name for Fedora 11

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

After the much-hyped Fedora 10, its time for Fedora 11 to take the stage. For the developers gung ho over the best title for their new release, contributions from all in Fedora community is awaited. Here’s your chance to name your favorite Fedora. You never know but you may contribute to the name of one of the most popular Linux OSes in the world.

Fedora 11 is still waiting for its new codename. The Fedora community came up with a host of names but these were filtered after an evaluation by Red Hat’s legal department. The list was trimmed and is shorter now. It’s time for the Fedora community to vote for the official codename. There is array of new denomination on fore.

The name shortlisted for Fedora 11 include Zampone, Euryalus, Duchess, Blarney, Leonidas, Claypool, Brasilla and Indomitable.
Official codename for the Fedora 11 would be decided only after the voting of Fedora community. The finalized name is scheduled to announced on 10th Jan.

For the list look into the Fedora Wiki.

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