Windows XP

I have seen and also well documented that Windows slows down with large number of files on your Desktop.
How To Break Into Any Password Protected Windows/Mac Computers
Do you really think that all your important files and documents are safe behind the haven of the password protected log on screen? Well think again.
Why IE Lost 20 p.c of its Market Share?
According to the data and reports generated by StatCounter, NetApplications, and several other sources, the market share of the most famous browser IE is continuously on the decline.
How to Run Old Software for Windows XP in Windows 7
As Windows 7 is about to return Microsoft's lost glory after the "Visaster" (Vista's disaster), there remains hitch ups that users need to acclimatize with.
Microsoft Security Update can not be Installed on Infected XP Machine
The latest security update for Windows XP can not be installed on those machines which are infected by Rootkit virus.
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