Microsoft Security Update can not be Installed on Infected XP Machine

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Monday, April 19, 2010

windowsxp1 The latest security update for Windows XP can not be installed on those machines which are infected by Rootkit virus. A Rootkit is a Malware that goes deep inside the Windows Operating System so that it can not be detected. Microsoft said that similar update that was released in February made Alureon rootkit infected machine crash repeatedly. The latest update which was released in February fixes Kernel related issues of Windows and this is the place where Rootkit grows.

“These abnormal conditions on a system could be the result of an infection with a computer virus that modifies some operating system files, which renders the infected computer incompatible with the kernel update,” read the statement.

Many users had a hard time to get their computers working again after applying the patch in the past. The company wants to avoid the repetition of the same thing this time. This situation may leave plenty of people without update. Microsoft suggested that those people whose machines have been infected should use some kind of toolkit removal tool  or toolkit detection tool.

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