Top 10 Best Most Popular Open-Source Social Networking Software
Social Networking is what's really hot and happening and why shouldn't it be? You can interact, manage and be in touch with all your contacts at one single place that also sitting on your couch having your cup of coffee with a cookie may be.
Software to Stop you Posting At Social Media Sites While Drunk
A software was developed to stop you writing email or posting message on social media sites while you are drunk.
3 Effective MySQL Performance Optimization Tips for MyISAM Storage Engine (Optimizes WordPress performance too)
The first two tips should be used for heavily loaded MySQL databases using MyISAM storage engine.
Random Digilante is your new friend in fight against forum spammers
Forums like blogs are incessantly plagued by forum spammers who often use a fully automated bot like xrumer to spam your forum with product insertions and sales pitch unrelated to the topic of the forum thereby diluting the quality and user experience.
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